Monday, December 02, 2002

From the In Box: From the Reading Pile XIV: Part 1
Nice site! Some zines and comics I'll have to look for. Never thought I'd manage to be vaguely reminiscent of both Donna Barr and Tom Hart. Presumably not at the same time. Both are great. I'm a little embarrassed that you mentioned the two-years-between-issues thing, but what can I say except there's a story behind that. -- Eli Bishop


Thanks for the good review. It is really appreciated. Your interpretation of the comic is a new one. It's a funny thing, 'cause when I was drawing the strip, I figured  the symbols used were way too simple, but it seems that everyone I speak to has a different slant on it, which is real nice. Thanks again.

The 5762 on the title page is not a P.O. Box number, but the year according to the Jewish calendar. My address is P.O. Box 2316, Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2316.

Also, I saw you like both Souther's and kiersh's comics as well as the Paper Rodeo/Fort Thunder stuff. Well, I am just finishing up on the fourth issue of an anthology I do that will have both Souther and Kiersh, as well as Matt Brinkman, Leif Goldberg, Chirs Forgues, Ben Jones, Joe Grillo, and Billy and Laura Grant. It's a full-color book, too. Will send you a copy as a thanks for the nice review of the Slumber comic.
-- Sammy Harkham

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