Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Rock Shows of Note XLVII
Last Friday brought the second annual Bazaar Bizarre punk-rock crafts fair. Organized in part by the Handstand Command arts collective, the bazaar featured a wide range of DIY vendors, music provided by Punk Rock Aerobics, and a sleazy Santa with two naughty elves. I spent most of the night sequestered behind the Handstand Command table, but to be truthful, Chris and Em did all the work. I was merely a hanger on. Here are some snapshots:

One of Somerville's finest

Scott controlled the floor.

Chris and Em, movin' units

I was glad to stay behind the table!

Looks like somebody reads ReadyMade

Looks like somebody brought baby

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and manage the crafts fair, as well as to all of the vendors -- macaroni album art! -- and people who came to check it out. I've got to get more involved for next year.

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