Monday, December 09, 2002

The Movie I Watched Last Night XLVII
That Touch of Mink
This 1962 movie featuring Cary Grant and Doris Day riffs on the theme later addressed by Pretty Woman and Maid in Manhattan. A wealthy businessman is smitten by a "working-class girl" -- in this case, a secretarial type, not a prostitute -- and proceeds to woo her. Grant is at his smoothest and most collected, and Day plays a young innocent who, while also smitten, feels slightly out of her league. Of course, they end up together. John Astin, who starred as the Addams Family's Gomez, co-stars as Everett Beasley, a decidedly creepy civil service worker who tries to lord it over Day at the unemployment office. Astin's role is a highlight, as is the snappy banter scripted for Grant and Day.

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