Monday, December 16, 2002

Technofetishism XXI
OK, I caved. I just ordered a T-Mobile Sidekick so I can join the ranks of Hiptop Nation. Playing around with MacStumbler this weekend with Cory, I found that I can't really piggyback on any networks in the neighborhood because of my PowerBook's wireless reception. I might explore getting an external wireless card and RF antenna to see what's what, but for now, I think the Sidekick will be just fine.

Not since the iPod have I been so impressed by the design of a consumer electronics product. The Sidekick is basically the Web in your pocket. You can use it as a mail client -- keeping received emails on the server so you can still access them on your laptop or desktop -- and the Web browser is surprisingly efficient and easy to use. Googling from Cory's Sidekick on Friday night saved our bacon and got us to the Scrapple show. And in lieu of trucking my laptop home every night -- and then back again on the crowded T come morning -- I think that the Sidekick will meet all of my information junkie joneses. Especially since I can't really synch Pod2Go at home in the morning. Ah. Maybe it's time I invest in some of that high-speed Internet access at home. I'll need to cut some other costs to balance that, I think.

The only real problem is that the Sidekick won't ship until Dec. 24. I'm out of town until the 27th, so fingers crossed that it's here upon my return. Because seriously? I almost miss Cory's Sidekick more than I miss Cory.

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