Thursday, December 12, 2002

Music to My Ears XX
I just got xmarsx's new album on Atavistic in the mail from Insound, and when I popped the CD into my PowerBook, I laughed out loud at what showed up in iTunes. Even though the pieces are accurately labeled on the CD itself, it's been coded so iTunes represents the disc as a fictional soundtrack recording featuring the following pieces:

  • "Rio Loco" by Mario Mario
  • "7 Trumpets Swinging" by Brass Master
  • "In a Key of Me" by Mad Monk
  • "What Girls Can Do" by the Fashion Plates
  • "What Are You?" by What?
  • "That Dang Dog" by John D
  • "That's Spicy!" by the Z Men
  • "F Is for Funk" by Funky
  • "Instrumentality" by Salsa Land

    Kudos to Mars Williams, Kent Kessler, Greg Suran, David Suycott, Wayne Kramer, Fred Lonberg-Holm, and whomever else might have been involved in this, the first prank iTunes playlist I've experienced. Funny stuff, and the record's good to boot!
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