Friday, December 13, 2002

Big Brother Is Watching VIII
Dec. 24 is World Sousveillance Day, a Buy Nothing Day-like observance organized in part by Steve Mann, who seems to have coined the term "sousveillance. If "surveillance" is watchful vigilance from above -- the increasing proliferation of security cameras, facial feature scanners, and other surveillance technologies -- "sousveillance" is watchful vigilance from below: watching the watchers.

Mann makes a distinction between in-band sousveillance -- subveillance -- and truly subversive sousveillance. Toll-free "How's my driving?" phone numbers on the backs of semi trucks is one thing, but sousveillance-oriented monitoring activities such as Copwatch are another thing entirely. Because more often than not, the watchers don't appreciate being watched.

Thanks to Weblogsky.

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