Tuesday, December 17, 2002

That's How the Cookie Crumbles
On the back of my T pass for January, there's an ad for a cookie personality quiz. The upshot is that if I register my T pass number online, I could win some valuable prizes and parting gifts.

There's just one problem (outside of the idea of "registering" your T pass). This promotion with the MBTA is mentioned nowhere on the Patriots' Trail Girl Scout Council's Web site.

Searching for "cookie personality" and "MBTA" yields no mention of the contest or relationship. In fact, Girl Scout cookie sale information isn't even available on any of the top pages. Using the search engine, I can track down an inside page that says the sale starts in January, but you can't order cookies online -- and it seems odd that 14 days before the end of the year, the council hasn't started promoting cookie sales on their Web site.

I know, I know, get off the Girl Scouts' collective back, but really. This is how convergence fails. Maybe the Patriots' Trail Council should take some time on Thinking Day in February and reconsider how they advertise regional cookie sales. 'Cause the promotion on this month's T pass isn't worth anyone's while. And it's disappointing that what could have been an interesting T station to the Web traffic-driving experiment fell so flat so fast.

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