Friday, December 20, 2002

Sad news from the Also-Rans, one of Boston's more promising indie pop bands:

After some thought, we've decided that it's time to pack it in as the Also-Rans. It's actually a decision that came easy after the Denny's departure to California. We're just not the same band without him, and pushing on would probably have been half hearted at best.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we've uploaded all of our unreleased demo tracks to our Web site. Just visit the audio page, and make with the click and save.

We're really proud of most of these recordings. Some are works in progress, some might have been re-recorded for a full-length, and a couple others are just-for-fun covers of the likes of Small Factory and the Wedding Present. We're glad to finally be able to share 'em.

Before we go, there are a few people we'd like to thank... people that really did a lot for us as a band and as friends over the course of our all-too-brief existence.

Mr. Scott Sinclair put his faith, money, and time behind us, releasing our debut EP. Thanks, Sinc, and sorry about the coasters. Keep an ear and eye out for his band, the Model Sons.

Dave Norton of and Certainly, Sir (and a ton of other former and future projects) helped us out a lot with shows and praise. It was appreciated, Dave.

Eric Masunaga & Ellie Lee deserve thanks for their kind words and support. We're grateful for the night at Oni, and the talk of future plans.

Much thanks to all the bands we shared a stage with, especially the boys from Pilot to Gunner and the Red & the Black.

To Amie and Megan goes our gratitude for the random roadie duties, the many rides, your forgiving ears, and for being at just about every show we ever played.

And lastly, our sincere thanks to our friends who stuck by us.

Happy holidays and our best to you in the impending new year.

Matt, Mary, Chris, Denny, & Brad

I reviewed the band's EP in May, and while bummed they won't see any full-length recordings, I appreciate their offering the "back catalog" for download. Don't sit on songs people!

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