Friday, December 20, 2002

Rock Shows of Note L
Last night was a double whammy. First up, a great pop show at the Abbey Lounge in Somerville. Shumai, the Tardy, and Seana Carmody organized a Very Indie Pop Christmas show.

Shumai, or the Secret Santas

Originally, this was supposed to be an Operators show, but the band they were trying to bring up from New York City couldn't make it, so the event was rearranged. Shumai's powerful pop was better than what I remember of their Charlie's Kitchen show. I'm sure it was the sound at the Abbey, which is quite good. Cassie O's singing was beautiful, and Don's deadpan harmony added a lot.

One half of the Tardy

The Tardy also played a good set. Jef and Steph's harmonies were better than they are a lot of the time, and the duo performed with a lot of energy. The Psychedelic Furs cover piqued some interest in the crowd, and Jef accidentally invited everyone in the bar to the Q Division party after the show.

Carmody at Sea

Last up, Seana Carmody. The rest of Seana's band was home for the holidays, and to tell the truth, I enjoy her more solo and in scaled-back settings. Her solo stuff last night was wonderful, and the special guest surprises were quite interesting. One of the women from Victory at Sea came on stage to wait in the wings hiding behind the curtain and provide occasional backing vocals. And Seana's boyfriend sat in on drums for a song. Word is he hadn't played drums in six years. "This has been a long time coming," he said sheepishly.

After the show ended, a bunch of us headed over to Q Division for the studio's holiday party. It was a little weird practicing Tuesday, mixing at the Q on Wednesday, and returning with the band last night, but it was fun. And Q Division's holiday parties are always big doings. Most of Boston's rock and pop scenes was there, and if you'd have bombed the Q last night, the music world would be at a sizable loss. Thanks to Dave, Rafi, and everyone else who made us feel so welcome!

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