Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Games People Play
(or, How I've Been Spending My Time IV)
Time to change that standing category, I think.

In the current issue of MacAddict, the CD-ROM includes a demo level of Pangea Software's new game Bugdom 2. Based on the strength of the demo, I ponied up the $30 to buy a registration number online so I could unlock the entire game. And it's a doozy.

In the style of A Bug's Life or Antz, Bugdom 2 features a cinematic game play in which a grasshopper seeks to reclaim his possessions. The levels that I've experienced so far involve tough-guy horseflies, some sort of spore monster, friendly chipmunks, field mice you free from traps, and -- the most fun -- stomping garden gnomes who chase you down. The graphics are extremely well done, and one of the screenshots is now my desktop image. It'll take real effort not to spend too much time exploring the world of Bugdom 2.

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