Friday, December 06, 2002

The Revolution Will Not Be Webified
Before the Web is an archive of first-person accounts of interactive online technologies that predated the Web's deployment in 1992. The project's managers are looking for stories about videotext, teletext, database publishing, corporate email, BBS sysops, SIGs, chat, User Publishing, key-word search, and conferencing that predates http/html. Even though there's not a lot of lost history available yet, what's there right now is pretty interesting. One of the people involved in marketing the Source -- one of the first online services -- shares some stories about how they got the word out. And another contributor sheds light on the state of information technology venture capital circa 1982. As this online history fleshes out, it promises to be an insightful look at how people formed the foundation of what would become the Web -- and the mainstream acceptance of the Net.

Thanks to Weblogsky.

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