Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Rock Shows of Note XLIX
After Anchormen practice at the Sound Museum, Chris, Jef, Tom, and I headed over to River Gods near Central Square for the Neptune listening party. Every Tuesday, this cozy pub hosts a listening party, as well as resident DJs drawing on people in local rock bands. Things start late, so we hung out standing in the crowded room until a corner table opened up.

Wait, you say, didn't Neptune just have a CD release party. Why, yes, they did. But Neptune has recently released two CDs, so they're celebrating in all sorts of ways. "Listening party" is a bit of a misnomer because the volume while they were spinning the disc was way too low -- and no one was really listening. Fact is, what we could hear could have been any band. Every song sounded different, and every song sounde like a different band. Not the best setting in which to listen to Neptune. It's arguable that they are first and foremost a live band, but it would have been nice to actually hear the record as record.

Still, lots of people came out, and the place was packed. Energy picked up a little around 11:30 p.m., when DJ Geisslah took the decks in the arched cubbyhole of a DJ booth. We stuck around for several records, including a Clash song that we initially mistook for Radio 4 (for shame!). Then we left, Tom and Chris home, and Jef to the Lizard Lounge for the Texas Governor show. I wasn't such a rock star. I headed home, read some of Nick Hornby's new book, and hit the hay.

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