Friday, December 13, 2002

On the Blend III
This morning, I went a little freestyle. I didn't go to the co-op last night, so I didn't have any bananas, tofu, or much OJ left. So I kind of blended up leftovers, if you will. The remainder of the orange-tangerine juice, a carrot (based on a Media Dietician's suggestion), and half a green pepper. That was the experiment. It looked like the mixture might end up a little thick, so I added some water.

And you know what? It was too watery! I guess I'll figure out the balance eventually, but today's drink was too watery, not orangey at all... and the green pepper added an interesting undercurrent of crisp flavor. Maybe it's because I added the water. Maybe it's because I was mixing fruits and vegetables. I don't know. But it leads me to a question: What kinds of vegetables do people throw in their blenders to make juice? I was rather surprise that the Osterizer frapped the carrot so well.

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