Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Employee of the Week II
Media Diet would like to recognize the following Fifth Man Media employees for their service above and beyond the call of duty:

Knows when to fold 'em

Samael Samuelson really saved Fifth Man Media's financial bacon last week. Just when our CFO, Joe "Go Home" Josephson, was starting to think we'd run out of of liquid assets -- and cash, too -- by the end of the year, Samuelson put his mind to work. Furrowing and unfurrowing his brow in fierce concentration as he mulled over the problem, Samuelson discovered $2.3 billion tucked away in one of the furrows in his forehead. "It was a real motherlode, and it fell right into my lap," Samuelson remembers. "But I'm male, so it was a fatherlode, I guess." Thanks, Samuelson! We won't make fun of the way you knit your brows again. 'Cause... a knit in time... saved this company's... dime! Yeah.

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