Thursday, December 19, 2002

Factsheet Life II
Factsheet 5's former publisher, Seth Friedman, doesn't maintain a blog. "I only have time for so many projects these days," he says. Regardless, Seth's been keeping an almost-quarterly schedule with an email roundup of his favorite URL's called Seth's Web Picks. Here's his Dec. 17 transmission, the "non-holiday-themed fourth installment."

Wow, I'm almost keeping a zine-like schedule here. It's only been about three months since the last installment. Mostly fun stuff this time around, but we do start off with two more serious news-type links which I check into pretty regularly.

PR Watch is a great newsletter which keeps abreast of all the many things spun by PR agencies. Their "Daily Spin" is a like Project Censored, only it's updated nearly every day.

Memory Hole offers another bit of under reported news. What Russ Kick tries to do is keep track of information after it gets wiped away by the media censors.

Another fun Google-driven information tool. More fun that factual, Googlism offers definitions of things you though were beyond definition.

A couple of fun games, sure to pick you up if you are suffering from the Winter doldrums: Wrath and Pedestrian Killer.

Found Magazine kicks ass. If you can't get a copy, their web sight is the next best thing.

TouchGraph's GoogleBrowser is a very powerful graphical website organizational structure research tool type thing.

More fun stuff.

For computer geeks only -- especially tech support guys.

A nice personal project that is generously being shared with the entire world.

Most likely you've seen this one already. Nevertheless, it's still hilarious. I find myself returning to this page every time I see Michael Jackson's name mentioned somewhere.

Reprinted with permission.

Soundtrack: D.R.I., "Dirty Rotten" LP

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