Friday, December 06, 2002

Media Meet Space III
The Associated Press reports that the just-that-side-of-softcore porn magazine Penthouse has begun licensing its name to "upscale" strip clubs. The first Penthouse Key Club opened in Cleveland on my mom's birthday -- what a gift! -- after a $1.5 million renovation. While the menu is mostly beer on tap, burgers, and fries, company representatives contend that the Penthouse brand stands for sex and quality.

Now, Playboy once had a chain of nightclubs, but there wasn't any nudity -- just women wearing bunny suits. Despite the failure of the Playboy clubs, as well as the falling circulation of men's magazines (Penthouse has fallen from 5 million to 1 million.), perhaps Penthouse will learn that, to be true, sex will sell. Or at least sell burgers and beer.

Thanks to I Want Media.

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