Friday, December 13, 2002

Event-O-Dex XXII
For lack of a better heading, because this is less of an event notice and more of a look at the role that plagiarism and detourning commercial imagery plays in art. Earlier this month, Stay Free! ended its run of the Illegal Art exhibit in New York City, and it's moving to Chicago next month. Even if you don't live in either locale, you can still spend a lot of time exploring the audio, video, and other art included in the project.

Videos included in the screenings are available for viewing online, including a Negativland video created by a Disney employee and Todd Haynes' Barbie-starred ""Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story." Visual elements include Wally Wood's notorious 1967 poster "Disneyland Memorial Orgy," Natalka Husar's parodies of Harlequin romance novel covers, the now-defunct Bunnyhop's classic Binky vs. Trix Rabbit cover that was quashed by Matt Groening, Kieron Dwyer's parody of the Starbucks logo, and Brian Boling's detourned zine Dysfunctional Family Circus.

There's also a wonderful online bibliography of articles that touch on the topic of intellectual property, parody, copyleft, and other related subjects. Kudos to all involved!

Thanks to Media Dietician Mike Hibarger.

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