Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Why I Haven't Posted Today
I have a bunch of new Media Diet entries all lined up and ready to go, including yet more zine and comic reviews, a couple of movie reviews, and a handful of 7-inch record reviews. But I've been busy today! First, Blogger was down. Then I spent several hours helping to start the judging process for Fast Company's Fast 50 readers' challenge. And then I had oodles of Outlook technical difficulties.

You see, I keep rather ample email logs -- and keep archives of outgoing and other important messages to augment my memory dating back to 1997. That's a lot of email. And even though Outlook only manages my work-related emails dating back to April 2001, that's still a lot of email. And Outlook doesn't seem to know what to do with it all. So it does nothing and makes the email inaccessible.

That means that my memory -- and productivity -- suffers. Wait... what was I writing about? What a disjointed, disconnected day! Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be warmer... and better on the tech tip.

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