Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Quotes of Note: "The Murray Leinster Megapack" by Murray Leinster

Quotes of note from The Murray Leinster Megapack by Murray Leinster:

(I'm reading this collection of short stories on my Kindle, so page numbers are suspect.)

"Only a man attempting to advance in the scale of civilization tries to explain everything that he sees." (6 percent)

"[E]ducation is simply training in thought, in efficient and effective thinking." (7 percent)

"Even in the high civilization of ages before, few men had really used their brains. The great majority of people had depended upon machines and their leaders to think for them." (7 percent)

"What was near was important, and what was distant could be ignored. Only the imminent required attention... ." (7 percent)

"[M]ost strange things meant danger." (7 percent)

"[T]he advancement of a people from a state of savagery and continual warfare to civilization and continual peace is not made by the elimination of the causes of strife, but by the addition of new objects and ideals, in defense of which people will offer battle." (11 percent)

"Always, to a savage, the unexplained is dangerous." (13 percent)

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