Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 24, 2022

Have aliens visited Earth? US Congress doesn’t rule it out
We have seen some really weird stuff in the skies

Pushing Buttons: Why linking real-world violence to video games is a dangerous distraction
In this week’s newsletter: Tragic shootings in the US have resurrected the disproven theory games turn people into killers. Why does this myth persist?

If you can’t leave Facebook, know these Facebook privacy settings

What is Discord, the chat app used by the Buffalo suspect?
Vile conversations unfold on the popular chat service, but so do wholesome ones

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki will join MSNBC this fall

Sony’s classic games blunder: Why PAL isn’t your friend
First-party PlayStation Plus classics launch at slower 50 Hz standard.

The Gollum video game launches in September
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will be available on September 1st, my precious

West Hunt, a new social deduction game, is moseying up next month

Tech neck: what are smartphones doing to our bodies?
Bending your head to use a phone stresses the spine, say chiropractors – and that’s not the only way the devices are injuring and changing us

How will AI be used ethically in the future? AI Responsibility Lab has a plan

“Tough to forge” digital driver’s license is… easy to forge
A litany of security flaws allows forgeries that are easy, quick, and cheap.

How Ukraine's wide use of cryptocurrency is playing out during the war
With Michael Chobanian, the president of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine

See the retro icons that let you turn your computer into a 1984 Mac screen
If you’re feeling nostalgic for 1980s Apple, British designer Ben Vessey has just the thing for you.

Activision Blizzard’s Raven Software workers vote to form industry’s first union
The vote marks a victory for labor advocates in an industry mired with allegations of abuse and poor working conditions

A group of Activision Blizzard workers vote to unionize
The Raven Software QA testers formed the first recognized union in US gaming

Most people can’t answer all 5 of these basic financial literacy questions. Can you?
A new report from BrightPlan, a financial wellness company, shows that financial literacy has declined, even as opportunities to learn about money abound.

These are the 15 highest-rated workplaces by LGBTQ+ employees, says Glassdoor
On average, LGBTQ+ employees rate their workplace experiences lower when it comes to diversity, compensation, and work-life balance.

Today’s interns are tomorrow’s employees. This is how leaders can help them thrive
Leaders, Gen Z is looking for flexibility, competitive compensation, access to senior leaders, and environmental responsibility. Here’s how to provide it.

It’s time to tap your secret recruitment weapon: your workforce
In the Great Resignation talent crunch, employees may very well be a company’s best—and often overlooked—cultural ambassadors.

Yet to try a 4-day week? Here’s how to do it productively
Here’s how to ensure you still have time for socializing and creative brainstorming.

This is why you should play games at work. And no, it’s not ‘mandatory fun’
“What I initially believed would be time spent socializing and simply getting to know one another evolved into something greater,” explains Suneil Kamath.

7 tools that will help your teams work better together
The right collaboration tech stack lets your team capture, organize, and use ideas and information efficiently, so there’s less human conflict and more human productivity.

This futuristic office was designed for 5,000 people—and 100 robot coworkers
This new building by Korean tech giant Naver was designed to experiment with the future of automation.

ServiceNow powers hybrid work with indoor mapping

Why forward-thinking brands are pursuing ‘inverse’ social commerce

Amazon shareholders to challenge on pay, tax and working conditions
Proposals at this week’s AGM will be test of leadership for new chief Andy Jassy

Amazon Plans to Sublet Warehouse Space to Reduce Excess Capacity
The company has acknowledged it overbuilt as it sought to meet pandemic demand

Walmart plans to expand drone delivery to six states this year

How one New Hampshire sawmill is taking a stand against big timber
Timberdoodle’s founders believe forestry should follow in the footsteps of the slow food and fashion movements in centering transparent and local production.

Nomagic picks up $22M for its e-commerce warehouse picking robots

This nonprofit will use big data to fight voter suppression in the midterm elections
Using smartphone location data, the nonprofit can see where voters are waiting in long lines—and alert voting rights organizations, who can advocate for changes.

Two years after George Floyd’s murder, this is how to keep allies in the fight
Advice for allies to keep energized and committed in the face of seemingly intractable challenges.

How is your city tackling the climate crisis?

The metaverse could lead to an urban exodus
City parks and green spaces could be replaced by a virtual urban environment

9 ways design can actually help you heal in the hospital
Physical aspects of a hospital’s interior space can have a big positive impact on patients’ mental and physical health.

How a Substack newsletter gave Dracula a new lease on life
“Dracula Daily” has become the coolest book club on the internet. What makes the newsletter so interesting, though, is the way the material is being consumed by fans.

Mr. Boop, the psychosexual webcomic that is a scathing critique of copyright
It’s also about being married to Betty Boop

MusicBox is the hot new listen-later app you didn't know you needed
Now you have somewhere to put all that music you say you'll listen to one day.

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