Friday, May 20, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 20, 2022

Streaming reached a record share of total TV viewing last month, says Nielson
People are all about the streaming these days.

Those still paying for Netflix are watching nine of the top 10 shows, says Nielson
Netflix shows are beating the rest in terms of minutes watched.

How the GOP assault on social media flipped net neutrality on its head

“Our mandate was the take the biggest possible swings": With the wind out of its sails, a battered BuzzFeed News forges on
The site’s prized investigations unit is disbanding and dropping its last bombshells—“a triumphal exit,” says the team’s editor—as a scaled-back news division narrows its search for an editor in chief.

Afghanistan's female TV presenters must cover their faces, say Taliban

Obi-Wan is coming to Fortnite next week
Watch out when he has the high ground

DOJ Announces It Won’t Prosecute White Hat Security Researchers
The new policy addresses decades of uncertainty around the law and security research.

Canada bans Huawei equipment from 5G networks, orders removal by 2024
Following restrictions from key security allies

One man’s quest to bring back the small phone

A brief history of no-code software — and its future
The rise of nonprogrammers building today's software

How to get better at using inclusive language in the workplace
A few, simple vocabulary changes can make your workplace more welcoming.

The 3 pillars of a happier and more productive workforce
Start by ensuring worker autonomy is built into your work culture.

What will the ‘de-Arching’ of McDonald’s in Russia actually look like?
How do you draw the line between a business and its branding? In Russia, the fast-food chain formerly known as McDonald’s is about to find out.

DJ Justin Blau’s crypto startup Royal wants to remix the music industry
Many touted the music industry as the next wave after art to push NFTs deeper into the mainstream—and Royal wants to lead the charge.

Should the federal government spend more money on conducting elections?
A new report examines inventive ways the federal government could spend on elections, including ‘ballot real estate’ and ‘ballot eyeballs.’

We have to stop destroying our future

The EU is replacing Russian oil with solar energy
Solar is the secret sauce to less reliance on oil

New study estimates how long mined metals circulate before being lost
In some cases, we're throwing out one metal in the process of extracting another.

NASA engineers trying to figure out strange readings from aging interstellar spacecraft
Voyager 1 is being a little weird

How 'The Essex Serpent' uses color to tell the growth of a main character
Claire Danes' character goes through quite the transformation during the show.

Stephen King lauds Apple TV+ thriller 'Shining Girls' saying it's 'scary and involving'
Stephen King knows a thing or two about thrillers.

This Japanese designer turned discarded fishing containers into groovy furniture
Japan’s declining fishing industry has left behind a constellation of discarded fishing containers. Now some of them have been reborn as chairs.

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