Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Quotes of Note: Lloyd Biggle, Jr., "The Light That Never Was" II

Quotes of note from The Light That Never Was by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.:

(Page numbers gleaned from the 1973 DAW mass-market paperback.)

"[T]he word 'efficiently' is used in many contexts, but in none of them does it actually mean 'efficiently.'" (p. 52) 

"The likes of us aren't safe unless we go where everyone else is at least as disreputable as we are." (p. 55) 

"[N]ever willingly credit... anyone with stupidity." (p. 63) 

"The Sornorians are badly underestimating what's required to take something away from a household of artists." (pp. 65-66) 

"[A]n attorney ... [will] participate in illegal activities. ... All they ask is some advance notice so they can figure out ways of doing illegal things legally." (p. 68) 

"Age does not corrupt the spirit... ." (p. 69) 

"Knowledge of the law has unexpected uses and applications throughout one's life." (p. 70) 

"If you offer an artist money, he doesn't consider that he's doing you a favor." (p. 72-73) 

"For a non-artist, an artist's costume would be a rather good disguise." (p. 77) 

"[F]ew of the young people cared to inherit the laborious poverty of their parents." (p. 78) 

"[A] thriving tourist world attracted operators dedicated to instant profits... ." (p. 79) 

"[T]here was no better investment in the galaxy than a painting by a young artist who would become great. The problem was to select the right young artist... ." (p. 80)

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