Monday, May 08, 2023

Daily Headlines for May 8, 2023

Gunman used an AR-15-style rifle in the shooting spree outside of Dallas

We have fantasized about this moment for decades. The trick is learning how to savor it.

Six months into running the social-media company, the billionaire is talking about his own metric of success

Conference in Africa focuses on AI’s promise and peril for less wealthy nations after ChatGPT sparked frenzy among big tech companies

Research in China on workarounds, such as using software to leverage less powerful chips, is accelerating

‘Robber barons’ of the 19th and 21st centuries enrich, not exploit, the poor and middle class.

Our brains aren’t wired to juggle tasks

A study found that 60% of employment in 2018 was in roles that didn’t exist in 1940.

Stock declines wipe out billions of dollars of paper gains meant for big-ticket expenses

What Investors Should Know About Money-Market Funds and CDs
Investors are turning to these cash-equivalent investments, some of which are yielding 5% or more. But it pays to have a strategy beyond fear.

Does market timing hurt portfolios most during up years or down years? What about when things are volatile? We ran the numbers.

Women analysts with perceived dominant faces, however, are at a competitive disadvantage, a study suggests

Company has reported $1.5 billion in operating losses amid problems developing vehicles

Requirement that detained citizens sign a form before government can share information on their cases hamstrings officials

Gov. Spencer Cox thought a redesign of the state flag would bring people together. ‘I should have known better.’

Far-right group is pivoting its activism from denying 2020 election results toward cultural issues

Some reports based on publicly available information alarmed officials

The Bard Prison Initiative team has built an impressive record—and international reputation—since its unlikely 2015 victory

Ohio State could soon have a redoubt for free academic inquiry.

Oldest millennials reach decade when people often start to notice signs of aging

States push to increase penalties, programs aimed at reducing such attacks

My bill would exclude soda and prepared desserts from SNAP.

Workforce dropouts and drug overdoses became more common as the world obsessed over the virus.

The third installment’s opening weekend falls short of the previous ‘Guardians,’ adding to talk of superhero fatigue

Thursday, May 04, 2023

Daily Headlines for May 4, 2023

Our fear of mass shootings impacts our minds in surprising ways

Why Do the Richest Americans Live a Decade Longer Than the Poorest?
Falling life expectancy is no accident—it is a direct result, and failure, of policy.

Why Isn’t the Death of Local News National News?

‘More Completely Blacklisted’: Remembering John Howard Lawson
Seventy-five years after the Hollywood Blacklist, the ‘Hollywood Ten’ screenwriter’s legacy gets its due.

What’s Behind the GOP’s War Against Democracy?
And are rightwing billionaires who want more, more, more money willing to make common cause with bigots, fascists, and wannabee killers to get it?

Why Do Republicans Lionize the Leaker?

Be a Capitol Hill Citizen on Your Congress

How to become one of Clarence and Ginni’s dearest friends

A Parent’s Bill of Rights for the Rest of Us

Editorial: ’One Dumb Person’ doctrine at work

Amazon delivery firm allows its drivers to unionize with the Teamsters
Eighty-four workers at Amazon contractor Battle Tested Strategies in California have reached a contract with the Teamsters, a major step forward in the battle to unionize the workers who deliver packages for the e-commerce giant

Rutgers University Workers Waging Historic Strike For Economic Justice

Do you worry that your bank is too liberal?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Here’s what it means for the way we work
New technologies are on track to trigger leaps in productivity greater than we have ever seen before.

How companies can solve the mental health crisis happening in the workforce
The perks that may have once seemed optional are now essential.

Young, Stupid, and Overconfident
We have raised a generation of entrepreneurs and workers who are remarkably out of touch with what's required to start and run a business. Here's a hint, snowflakes: It doesn't involve kombucha on tap.

The Gruesome Death of Lashawn Thompson in the Fulton County Jail

A Colorado reservoir gets ready for an epic snowmelt

Support libraries by rejecting book bans

You need an e-reader, and here’s why
E-books are good for you, incredibly convenient, and best consumed on a device built for the purpose—such as a Kobo.

Monday, May 01, 2023

Life Assignments

 Every time you go to a park:

  1. Walk around the park's perimeter twice—clockwise and counterclockwise
  2. Find the exact center of the park and lie down on the ground, looking at the sky
  3. Sit on every bench in the park to find the most comfortable bench and best view
  4. Pick up at least one piece of litter and throw it away
  5. Take note of one distinguishing feature of the park: What makes it stand out among other parks you've been to?
  6. Thank the park for being there and doing what it does for you, the neighborhood, and the community