Wednesday, June 29, 2022

News of the Genres

The following articles and stories related to science fiction, fantasy, and horror recently appeared in various news sources online. An asterisk indicates that the article is of particular interest.

3 New Horror Movies Releasing This Week and “Stranger Things” Finishes Fourth Season! (Bloody Disgusting, June 28, 2022)

5 Great Horror Movies That Grossed Under $10 Million At The Box Office (GameRant, June 27, 2022)
Some horror movies are incredibly well-done, but they just didn't do that well at the box office.

5 Horror Movies to Stream This Week That Are Over 2 Hours Long! (Bloody Disgusting, June 27, 2022)

7 Horror Movies Coming Only to Movie Theaters This Summer! (Bloody Disgusting, June 28, 2022)

10 Best Horror Movies That Are Actually Comfort Movies (Collider, June 28, 2022)
Not every horror movie is meant to scare!

25 years ago, Nic Cage made his most explosive sci-fi movie ever—it was almost even better (Inverse, June 29, 2022)
Can you improve on perfection?

* 26 Science Fiction And Fantasy Novels By Trans And Nonbinary Authors (BuzzFeed News, June 7, 2022)
Celebrate Pride Month by reading these fantasy and science fiction novels by trans and nonbinary authors.

2021 Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards Winners (Locus, June 29, 2022)

* As Unpredictable as Humans: I, Robot by Isaac Asimov (, June 29, 2022)

* Author Chen Qiufan Thinks Science Fiction Is the Best Genre to Discuss Climate (Bloomberg News, June 13, 2022)
The Chinese writer believes in the power of compassion and empathy in solving the climate change crisis.

'Barbarian': Georgina Campbell-Bill Skarsgård Horror Thriller Is An Airbnb Guest's Worst Nightmare (Yahoo! News, June 28, 2022)

Best Blumhouse Horror Movies, Ranked (Variety, June 24, 2022)

Best Killer Food in Horror Movies, Ranked (Movieweb, June 29, 2022)
Sometimes in horror movies, the focal point of all the terror comes from the kitchen.

Best summer books of 2022: Science fiction (Financial Times, June 23, 2022)
James Lovegrove selects his best mid-year reads

Blade Breaker: Victoria Aveyard’s Epic Fantasy Sequel Ups the Stakes For All (Paste, June 28, 2022)

The Creeping Catharsis of the 2022 Portland Horror Film Festival is Available in the Theater and Online (Portland Mercury, June 28, 2022)

Curtis Clow on crafting fantasy with a heart in ‘Beastlands: Keepers of the Kingdom’ (AIPT, June 28, 2022)
The fantasy epic lands on shelves June 29.

* Dan Chaon on When Science Fiction Is No Longer Science Fiction (Literary Hub, June 9, 2022)
In Conversation with Maris Kreizman on The Maris Review Podcast

* Fantasy & Fair Use: How Intellectual Property Plays a Critical Role for D&D (JD Supra, June 29, 2022)

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Is a (Literal) Deconstruction of Science Fiction (The Escapist, June 8, 2022)

* Has John Carpenter Become the True Horror Master? (Movieweb, June 29, 2022)
We look back at John Carpenter's career to see if he has a legitimate claim to the title of "True Horror Master."

Horror movie Barbarian looks like the ultimate Airbnb nightmare (Polygon, June 23, 2022)
Also Justin Long is there, for some reason

* How Abbott and Costello Helped Create the Horror Comedy (Movieweb, June 28, 2022)
Comedic duo Abbott and Costello had a huge hand in creating the horror-comedy, a movie genre that still thrives to this day.

How Brian and Charles Accidentally Ticks All The Science Fiction Boxes (IGN, June 29, 2022)
Genre is often the first descriptor you go to when talking about a movie. But what kind of movie is Brian and Charles? We sat down with the filmmakers (Jim Archer, David Earl, Chris Hayward, and Rupert Majendie) to discuss how they seamlessly blended elements from beloved sci-fi and adventure classics into a humble buddy comedy set in the English countryside.

* How Costumes and Conventions Brought Sci-Fi Fans Together in the Early 20th Century (Literary Hub, June 29, 2022)
Andrew Liptak on the Origins of Cosplay

How I realized I was trans by making terrible horror movies (CBC, June 29, 2022)
Tiffany Wice's early attempts at filmmaking helped her self-discovery — even though the films were 'so bad'

* How Mat Johnson’s sci-fi space satire captured our COVID-19 crackup — four years ago (Los Angeles Times, June 23, 2022)

​​Hugh Grant and Billie Piper to star in Netflix fantasy drama KAOS (RadioTimes, June 29, 2022)
The series will present the Greek gods as "a massive dysfunctional family", creator Charlie Covell previously told

In acclaimed sci-fi novels, Ada Palmer uses history to build a ‘deep and detailed world’ (UChicago News, June 27, 2022)
Nominated for a Hugo Award, UChicago historian’s ‘Terra Ignota’ series explores societal evolution and the importance of ‘partial victories’

‘The Invitation’ Trailer – Sony Horror Movie Puts a Fresh New Spin on ‘The Brides of Dracula’! (Bloody Disgusting, June 27, 2022)

Is Dungeons & Dragons Better as High Fantasy or Sword & Sorcery? (CBR, June 29, 2022)
D&D can be played as both an epic high fantasy story or a sword & sorcery adventure, but does it do one sub-genre better than the other?

Is science fiction our new reality thanks to humanoids? (New York Post, June 28, 2022)

The Lazarus Project: Neon's dense, but devilishly addictive sci-fi thriller (Stuff, June 29, 2022)

Learn How Science Fiction Films Help us Study the Future (SciFiEd)

‘Lisa Frankenstein’ – Diablo Cody Will Reassemble a Corpse in 1989-Set Horror-Comedy! (Bloody Disgusting, June 29, 2022)

* Mars science fiction writing is a 'Red Mirror' to today's world (Arizona State University News, June 23, 2022)
ASU English course subject of published paper in Science & Education

* My 2019 Sci-Fi Novel Was About a U.S. Where Abortion Is Illegal in 2022. But I Didn’t Predict the Future. (Slate, June 27, 2022)

Netflix Horror Movie ‘Demon House’: Everything We Know So Far (What’s on Netflix, June 28, 2022)
Filming has began on Netflix's upcoming horror movie 'Demon House'.

New ongoing fantasy ‘The Least We Can Do’ launching September 14th (AIPT, June 28, 2022)
Mysterious magical power arises from a world nearly destroyed by war.

* Octavia E. Butler, Sci-Fi Pioneer, and Her New Vision for Humanity (FlaglerLive, June 27, 2022)

One of the Must-Read Science Fiction Novels in 2022: Ground Zero by Sarah Spookychild (Yahoo! Finance, June 27, 2022)

* On nightmare noir, science fiction, and the lure of the gothic (CrimeReads, June 28, 2022)
Gothic tropes informed much of the earliest science fiction, and now the gothic provides a fruitful path between genres.

Princess on the Outside, Rebel on the Inside in This Sweeping Fantasy Adventure (BookTrib, June 29, 2022)

Read to Death: 5 Tales of Library Horror from TV Anthologies (Bloody Disgusting, June 28, 2022)

‘The Retaliators’ – Horror Movie Starring Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix Releasing in September (Bloody Disgusting, June 28, 2022)

Samantha Allen Delivers Page-Turning Horror, Satire, and More in Her Debut Novel, ‘Patricia Wants to Cuddle’ (Shondaland, June 29, 2022)
In this creative new novel, the cast and crew of a fictional reality TV show have strange, even terrifying, encounters in their final days of filming.

The Sandman Trailer Teases the Right Amount of Horror and Fantasy (CBR, June 27, 2022)
With a release date and a new trailer, excitement is building for Netflix's The Sandman. But will it please fans who expect a faithful adaptation?

Science fiction opera coming to Coralville explores a future beholden to ‘The Machine’(Iowa City Press-Citizen, June 28, 2022)

* Sci-Fi Author Philip K. Dick Getting Biopic Treatment With ‘Only Apparently Real’ (Exclusive) (The Hollywood Reporter, June 29, 2022)
Jon Shestack is producing a feature that will focus on a break-in that may or may not have occurred at the house of Dick, whose work inspired ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Total Recall.’

Sci-Fi Author Philip K. Dick to Get Biopic from Jon Shestack and Michael Richter (Collider, June 29, 2022)
Between alternate realties, mysterious break-ins and government surveillance Philip K. Dick's biopic is going to be wild.

Science Fiction: Sara A. Mueller’s ‘The Bone Orchard’ (The Wall Street Journal, June 10, 2022)
A murder leaves an imperial mistress searching for answers in a magical world saturated with scandal and betrayal.

The Stepfather (1987) Revisited – Horror Movie Review (JoBlo, June 29, 2022)

'They/Them': Trailer, Release Date, and Everything We Know So Far About Blumhouse's Conversion Camp Horror Film (Collider, June 29, 2022)
More like 'They Slash Them'.

* The Thing Turns 40: A Look Back At The Ice Cold Horror (GameRant, June 29, 2022)
The Thing has left a gory legacy, but it wasn't always considered the sci-fi horror masterpiece that it is now.

Tomorrowland has inspired an “epic fantasy trilogy” of novels and films (EDM)
The Tomorrowland plot thickens.

* UFO house in Brush Prairie delights science fiction enthusiasts as Airbnb (The Reflector, June 28, 2022)

* Why gender dissent and queer sci-fi can challenge surveillance: An interview with artist Shu Lea Cheang (GlobalVoices, June 29, 2022)
In primeval times, gender fluidity was common

You need to watch the most underrated sci-fi remake on HBO Max before it leaves this week (Inverse, June 28, 2022)
Considered too artsy for most and inferior to the original by genre nerds, this slow and cerebral redo is worth another look.

Song of the Day: Sampa The Great, "Lane"


Monday, June 27, 2022

The Water Cooler: Afternoon Headlines for June 27, 2022

Column: Banning abortion is the first step. Brace yourselves for the end of many hard-fought rights

Op-Ed: The end of Roe will lead to baseless attacks on gay rights

Q&A: Why is Brittney Griner detained in Russia and when might she be released?

Clela Rorex, who endured death threats after issuing nation’s first same-sex marriage licenses, dies

LAPD treatment of journalists denounced, again, after abortion rights protest downtown

Op-Ed: The rise of tech unions shows workers reckoning with reality

‘Now we have nothing.’ Soaring medical debt causes gut-wrenching sacrifices for patients

Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as a production designer

Editorial: Roe has been overturned. Feel outraged, feel betrayed — then fight to get it back

News Analysis: Supreme Court is emboldened, conservative and ready to push further right

Abortion and the Supreme Court: A short legal history of Roe

What happens in California with Roe vs. Wade now dead?

Column: After a week of guns, abortion and insurrection, California’s resistance matters more than ever

Abortion rights protests resume across Los Angeles, channeling outrage and anguish

Editorial: We desperately need affordable housing in L.A. This bill will help us get it

How to be a real L.A. Cool Girl, no matter what TikTok says

Pregnant people of color more likely to get procedures they didn’t consent to, study finds

Wellness culture gone wrong has come for kids

Enter this queer-friendly salon needing a haircut, leave with a new sense of self

How Mat Johnson’s sci-fi space satire captured our COVID-19 crackup — four years ago

Behind the joyful, nonjudgmental, totally uninhibited sex scenes of ‘Good Luck to You, Leo Grande’

‘I have no desire to be on TV again’: Maury Povich, king of daytime, takes a bow

From I Love Lucy to Schitt's Creek, These Are the 21 Best Sitcoms of All Time 

How ‘Elvis’ star Austin Butler lost — and found — himself in the King of Rock ’n’ Roll

L.A. Pride’s hottest new club is a queer open-mic night

Song of the Day: Evelyn Knight and the Stardusters, "Powder Your Face with Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!)"


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 25, 2022

Abortion in America — the road to rolling back Roe vs Wade
Most in the US believe the landmark 1973 decision should have been retained. Lyz Lenz, raised in the Christian right, explains how a coalition was built to overturn it

Fall of Roe v. Wade Upends Abortion Landscape for American Women
Clinics will close and telemedicine abortions could expand as half of U.S. states are expected to ban or restrict the procedure

The Ruling Overturning Roe Is an Insult to Women and the Judicial System

Nonbinary Airline Passengers Ask: What’s Gender Got to Do With It?
Despite recent federal changes meant to better include gender-diverse travelers, most U.S. airlines still require passengers to select “male” or “female” when booking a ticket.

‘Hotbed’ Review: Early Feminists Debating a Better Tomorrow
The members of Greenwich Village’s Heterodoxy club didn’t care about smart chat. They wanted to change the world.

In Warsaw Park, Ukraine’s Teen Refugees Hang Out and Hang On
Some fled to Poland’s capital alone. All feel deeply uneasy about the future. For the young Ukrainians packing into Poland’s capital, a park offers a place where they can try to cope, together.

‘Bingo’: A Children’s Song That Became a Grown-Up Pastime
The ditty about a dog turned its name into an expression of surprise.

Tutankhamun rises again in show looking at ancient Egypt’s cultural legacy
The Factum Foundation’s display at the Masterpiece art fair has a digital recreation of the pharaoh’s tomb

Inside the secret, often bizarre world that decides what porn you see
The adult industry’s de facto regulator isn’t government, international convention or business itself. It’s Mastercard and Visa

Germany Ends Ban on Abortion Advertisement
The vote to scrap the law came on the same day that Roe v. Wade was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Netflix in a Race Against Time With Advertising
Partnerships would allow streaming giant to enter ad business faster as inflation and market saturation make subscriber growth harder

Italian podcast start-ups bet a politics-free approach will pay off
Chora Media and Will Media say they can capitalise on the frustration of younger generations with traditional media

Your phone’s notification settings and the meaning of life
App developers know we’re hardwired to stick with the default option

How Advisors Skip Financial Jargon In Favor Of Plain English

The Controversial Economics of Abortion Law
The Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade will bring new scrutiny to research over the past several decades studying the socioeconomic effects of abortion liberalization.

Industry Themes: When Times Get Tough, Discount Retailers Get Busy

Companies vow to help employees access abortion after Roe vs. Wade is overturned

After Roe v. Wade Ruling, Employers Weigh In on Abortion and Benefits—Cautiously
Businesses with health plans covering abortion now are weighing whether and how to pay for employees to travel to a state where the procedure is legal

Companies Are More Vocal Than Ever on Social Issues. Not on Abortion.
The corporate response to the Supreme Court’s Friday decision was more muted, and the companies that did speak out mostly talked about their health care policies.

Bosses Swear by the 90-Day Rule to Keep Workers Long Term
Chipotle, Waste Management and others gear hiring around reaching a milestone they say is critical to employee retention

Crypto feels the shockwaves from its own ‘credit crisis’
Fear, uncertainty and doubt grip market as big names struggle

Pringles has a secret recipe for making the irresistible snack
The processed crisp brand is still growing half a century after it was invented by scientists

Robinhood’s depiction of liquidity during ‘meme stock’ frenzy questioned
US congressional committee releases findings from 18-month probe into wild market swings of January 2021

Roe’s Death Will Change American Democracy

The four key turning points that led to the fall of Roe vs. Wade

Op-Ed: Ending Roe is a pure exercise of Republican power, wielded to reduce women’s freedom and equality

With Roe dead, Republicans call for abortion bans in all states

Who is worse company, the left or the right?
The choice is between joylessness and philistinism

President Biden Signs Landmark Gun Bill
President calls it the biggest changes to the nation’s gun laws in decades and a response to families of victims in recent high-profile shootings

States Rush to Revamp Laws After Supreme Court’s Gun Ruling
After some restrictions on gun permits were deemed unconstitutional, legislators announced plans to craft new laws that honor the ruling while still creating limits.

‘One Person, One Vote’ Review: Gerrymander to Win the Game
Is it a well-balanced legislative district or noxiously partisan electoral map? How most of us see it is colored by the outcomes we want.

Police declare unlawful assembly in downtown L.A. as abortion rights protests wind down

The woman who brought down Roe vs. Wade wants to take abortion battle to California

She was loved for standing up to China. She may die in jail
The story of Claudia Mo is also that of Beijing’s tightening grip on Hong Kong

‘C.L.R. James’ Review: From Trinidad to Trotsky
Radical thinker, erudite historian, cricket enthusiast, C.L.R. James labored in obscurity—then became a presiding deity for the British left.

‘The Socratic Method’ Review: Let Us Reason Together
Amid 21st-century rancor,an ancient Athenian philosopher offers an alternative: truth and a little humility.

The Historian George Chauncey Wins the Kluge Humanities Prize
Chauncey, a professor of American history at Columbia, becomes the first scholar in L.G.B.T.Q. studies to receive the $500,000 award.

Rethinking the way we travel
Setting aside our assumptions can help us to discover new places — and become more hospitable at home

Yellowstone Gateway Town in Montana Braces for Months Without Tourists
A monumental flood has left the town of Gardiner and local businesses largely cut off from the area’s top attraction

My hot take on the future of heatwaves
With scorching temperatures becoming increasingly severe, some places will simply fail to cope

U.N. chief warns of ‘catastrophe’ from global food shortage

As Russia Chokes Ukraine’s Grain Exports, Romania Tries to Fill In
With famine threatening millions, Europe is intent on finding alternatives to one of world’s biggest food exporters, whose landlocked crop is stranded by war.

The wild woods of Tuscany
Oasyhotel, a new collection of lodges on a WWF reserve, is only 40 miles from Florence but offers deep immersion in forests where wolves still roam

Brazil’s Best-Kept Secret: The Canyons of Santa Catarina
Most tourists in Brazil flock to the beaches, but real adventurers feel the pull of the Santa Catarina mountains, with their splendid-beyond-belief scenery

The Forensic Scientists Fighting Timber Theft
At the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Forensics Lab in Oregon, researchers are building a chemical database of trees threatened by illegal harvesting

Using Science to Predict the Future(s)
Envisioning how things could, and even should, work in the universe can help to figure out how they do work—and vice versa

‘France’ Review: Cycling Into the Past
The French nation is a patchwork of diverse localities and histories—maybe best encountered from atop a bicycle.

Tofu is a cornucopia of taste. No really
Vegans aren’t the only ones who should get to savour this casket of wonders

The Best Brownie Recipe: A Chocolate Lover’s Guide
Brownies from scratch are easy to master if you keep a few fundamentals in mind (and use really good chocolate). Our baking pro shares her top tips.

Column: I’m a Catholic kid who supports abortion rights — thanks to my church’s catechism class

The not-so-Great Gatsby. Why there’s no such thing as an accidental plagiarist
Everyone steals when they write, but where does ‘good’ theft end and clumsy rip-off start?

‘The Poets of Rapallo’ Review: Ezra Pound’s Fascist Paradise
To wage a literary revolution based in Mussolini’s Italy, Pound looked to Yeats, Hemingway and others as recruits.

Writer Vladimir Sorokin: ‘I underestimated the power of Putin’s madness’
The Russian exile on seeing his fiction become fact, the ‘zombie’ of empire — and how culture will pay a price for the war on Ukraine

Nature Just Beyond the Doorstep
Gilbert White’s ‘The Natural History of Selborne’ encourages us to find wonder in our backyards.

U.S. Orchestras Playing More Works by Women and Minorities, Report Says
The recent discussions over racial justice and gender disparities appear to have accelerated efforts to bring more diversity to classical music.

Opera’s Lack of Diversity Extends to Offstage, a Study Shows
Opera America’s study found a striking dearth of minorities in the administrative ranks of opera companies.

Mannish Boy — how Muddy Waters created an American classic
The blues singer’s 1955 track brought an assertive swagger to Bo Diddley’s original

Review: Before Riccardo Muti Leaves Chicago, a Verdi Farewell
“Un Ballo in Maschera” is the last in a series of Verdi operas led in concert by the Chicago Symphony’s music director, who departs after next season.

Watching ‘Queer as Folk’ but Craving ‘Heartstopper’
Major reboots and revivals are falling short in the writing as they try to diversify and expand their L.G.B.T.Q. worlds. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Immersed in ‘Stranger Things,’ Then Strolling to Beckett
Our writer checked out two very different experiences in New York. In Netflix’s TV re-creation, you fight Demogorgons. In “Cascando,” you walk off your existential angst.

Artist Markus Selg: ‘We’re further in the metaverse than most of us think’
He has spent his career testing the boundaries between life and virtual reality, in his studio and now on the opera stage

Hot Pants, Those Subversive 1970s Short Shorts, Are At It Again
From Gucci and Prada to American Eagle, fashion has re-embraced the risqué style. But are these itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie bottoms still shocking this time around? Here, a look at their history—plus four styles to try.

F.B.I. Investigates Basquiat Paintings Shown at Orlando Museum of Art
A subpoena raises questions about an exhibition of works “purported to be by artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.”

Harry Gesner, Architect of Soaring California Style, Dies at 97
His houses cantilevered from cliffs, straddled canyons and sprung from mountains; they would come to define the Southern California landscape.

Friday, June 24, 2022

The Water Cooler: Afternoon Headlines for June 24, 2022

China bans over 30 live-streaming behaviours, demands qualifications to discuss law, finance, medicine

It’s TikTok’s world. Can TV live in it?
Facebook knows it has a TikTok problem. TV and streamers do, too.

The subtle stagecraft behind the Jan. 6 hearings
The panel probing the Capitol attack is trying to turn its investigative grind into must-see television

Why The Grocery Chain Albertsons In-Housed Its Retail Media Network And What It Plans To Do Next

Cyberpunk 2077 is getting a board game
Gangs of Night City can currently be backed on Kickstarter

Legendary designer Yu Suzuki returns with a wild arcade shooter
Air Twister is out now on Apple Arcade

Into the mystic
From Stonehenge to Silicon Valley: how technology nurtured New Age ideas in a world supposedly stripped of its magic

Searching for the dankest iPod knockoffs of the mid-2000s
DankPods has turned finding old MP3 players into a hit YouTube show

Microsoft will start banning players from all private Minecraft servers
New moderation tools will let players be permanently "banned from online play."

Where are all the crypto use cases?

How to negotiate your salary to help with inflation
With skyrocketing inflation rates, it’s probably time to ask for a raise.

Digital Advertising Companies Look to Reduce the Industry’s Carbon Footprint
Digital ads require a lot of computing power, but the exact amount of electricity they consume is hard to pin down

Yelp shuts some offices doubling down on remote; CEO calls hybrid “hell”
CEO Jeremy Stoppelman calls hybrid offices “the worst of both worlds" as he doubles down on remote work

Netflix Begins Second Round of Layoffs, 300 Positions Cut

How Facebook became working-class Mexico’s favorite food delivery app
The platform has emerged as a hack around Uber Eats and Rappi's high fees.

The New Age of Marianne Williamson (May 2014)
Can the best-selling self-help guru persuade Angelenos to send her to Washington?

A Perfect Ham Sandwich at Thirty Thousand Feet
One of the best things you can eat in L.A. is on the flight home.

This weird-looking motorcycle can ride on roads AND rail tracks
Maintenance workers don't have to walk long distances to inspect railway tracks

The Crystal Set : Followers of the New Age Movement Find Room to Grow in Orange County (January 1989)

The new age of astrology (January 2018)
In a stressful, data-driven era, many young people find comfort and insight in the zodiac—even if they don’t exactly believe in it.

Pig heart transplant failure: Doctors detail everything that went wrong
We're currently unsure why the cells of the heart ended up dead.

The Queen of the New Age (May 2008)

The Week That Will Be: A Soundtrack

Songs that crossed my transom the week of June 20, 2022. Sources include Facebook, the Financial Times, the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the Well, and other sources.

Daily Headlines for June 24, 2022

Live Updates: Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade in Landmark Decision; States Move to Ban Abortion
The ruling eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion after almost 50 years was met with celebration and anger across the country. President Biden said the decision was the “realization of extreme ideology” and told Americans: “With your vote, you can act.”

Supreme Court bolsters gun owners’ right to carry a weapon in public

Op-Ed: Forget history. Forget safety. The Supreme Court prizes unfettered gun rights above all else

California leaders vow new gun restrictions after Supreme Court ruling threatens state law

Bipartisan Gun Bill Clears Initial Vote in Senate
The 64-to-34 vote came just hours after Republicans and Democrats released the text of the legislation, which could become the most significant overhaul of the nation’s gun laws in decades.

Senate OKs landmark gun violence bill; House passage is next

Police Officers Can’t Be Sued for Miranda Violations, Supreme Court Rules
In a second decision, the justices sided with a death row inmate who sought to be executed by firing squad rather than lethal injection.

Supreme Court shields police from being sued for ignoring Miranda warnings

'A meteoric rise': Carl Burger making history as one of surfing's rare Black stars
Carl Burger is emerging as a great Black American pro, a rarity in a sport that is traditionally white. He's energizing the Black surfing movement.

Lessons for Elon Musk from Meta’s content moderation
Oversight board’s annual report reveals how hard it is to deal with complaints over online material

More Californians are gaining broadband internet access. But Black and Latino households still lag

As China shuts out the world, internet access from abroad gets harder too

Walmart Amps Up Cloud Capabilities, Reducing Reliance on Tech Giants
Retailer says new hybrid system allows the company to switch between cloud providers and its servers, saving time and money

America’s Cash Hoard Could Cushion a Downturn
Americans have something that they usually lack heading into a recession: A lot of cash

First CEO of major company to publicly say he's gay on why there are so few openly LGBTQ executives on boards

Diners Start to Pull Back on Eating Out as Casual Chains Raise Prices
Darden Restaurants reported increasing sales and costs as it tries to boost prices without scaring off diners

MapQuest and Other Internet Zombies
Some online stars from our past just won’t die.

Sriracha Shortage Is Taking Some Spice Out of Life
An abysmal spring harvest of Mexican chiles caused an “unprecedented shortage” of Asian hot sauces, a California-based producer said.

Howard Johnson’s Superfans Can’t Let Go
After the last HoJo’s closed, devotees are full of nostalgia for bygone restaurants; ‘Long live the Orange Roof!’

DocuSign Isn’t Ready to Pull From the Shredder
Management shake-up shows one-time pandemic darling’s business hasn’t yet stabilized

Could This Be an Antebellum Age?
Political manners seem to be growing subservient to the threat of violence. It feels like the 1850s.

Supreme Court: North Carolina Republicans may intervene to defend voter ID, ballot law

Wisconsin election investigator says he deleted records during probe of 2020 election

Federal Authorities Search Home of Trump Justice Dept. Official

Column: The Jan. 6 hearings are sorting real heroes from the fakes

Middle class, minus debt: Apprenticeships, certificates offer low-cost option to college

New Biden Rules Would Bar Discrimination Against Transgender Students
The proposed rules would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity, among other things; they set up a clash with state lawmakers and conservative groups.

Government to Cancel $6 Billion in Student Loans for Defrauded Borrowers
Around 200,000 who sought relief after attending schools that the Education Department said showed signs of “substantial misconduct” will have their federal student loans wiped out.

Prosecutors Ask That Ghislaine Maxwell Spend at Least 30 Years in Prison
Ms. Maxwell, who will be sentenced next week, showed an “utter lack of remorse” for helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit and abuse girls, federal prosecutors told a judge.

Unprecedented plan to return Bruce’s Beach to rightful Black heirs revealed by officials

Overburdened Penn Station Needs More Tracks. But Where Could They Fit?
As debate rages on a plan to renovate the nation’s busiest hub, Amtrak awarded a contract to design a $12 billion expansion that would add train capacity.

They Had Space to Spare Inside Their Huge Manhattan Condo. So They Built Two Treehouses.
After combining two units at 165 Charles, Michael Holtz and Megan Genualdi constructed a large wooden structure with a spiral staircase and netted seating

‘The Secret Life of Secrets’ Review: Monsters in Our Closet
A psychologist suggests that our deepest secrets can wreak more havoc if left untold than if shared with someone we trust.

They Searched Online for Abortion Clinics. They Found Anti-Abortion Centers.
Using Google ads and the promise of free services, Human Coalition, a Texas nonprofit, intercepts women across the country who want to end their pregnancies and tries to stop them.

Deborah Birx Says Trump White House Asked Her to Weaken Covid Guidance
The former White House coronavirus coordinator, who became a controversial figure, said there was a consistent effort to stifle information as virus cases surged in late 2020.

‘People are hungry’: food crisis starts to bite across Africa
Signs of inflation-linked unrest are emerging, aid agencies warn

Balancing on one leg for 10 seconds may predict likelihood of living or dying, study says

Early signs indicate Southern California finally using less water. But big test lies ahead

In the Scramble for a Campsite, Everyone Deserves an Equal Chance

Biden Administration Tosses Trump Definition of ‘Habitat’ for Endangered Species
The Trump administration’s definition was at odds with the conservation purposes of the Endangered Species Act, wildlife officials said.

When, Exactly, Did Mount Vesuvius Erupt?
From tracing ashes to Greece to analyzing autumnal fruit found in Pompeii, a new study places the eruption in October, not August.

Here's how to start an online book club that's as fun as meeting in real life

Soccer Mommy Summons a ‘Tidal Wave’ of Feelings
The songwriter Sophie Allison finds new sonic frontiers alongside Oneohtrix Point Never on her third studio album, “Sometimes, Forever.”

Muna’s Fresh Start
The indie-pop band was dropped by its major label early in the pandemic, then scored a TikTok hit with “Silk Chiffon,” featuring a verse from its new label boss: Phoebe Bridgers.

A Rapper’s Delight: Hip-Hop Memorabilia Goes Up for Auction
Original vinyl records, turntables and other ephemera belonging to the hip-hop pioneer D.J. Kool Herc will be included in a sale at Christie’s.

Meghan Stabile, Who Linked Jazz and Hip-Hop, Dies at 39
Shows that she produced on a shoestring sought to energize the jazz scene by connecting with younger audiences accustomed to D.J.s and turntables.

Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett rock in D.C. despite rain, lightning and broken ribs

Documentary Filmmaker Emerges as Potentially Key Jan. 6 Witness

How Disney’s ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ changes Princess Leia’s legacy forever

‘Marcel the Shell With Shoes On’ Review: Bigger Isn’t Better
The one-inch-high shell voiced by Jenny Slate gets a feature-length vehicle, but the transition from YouTube fame is only partly successful.

How ‘Marcel the Shell’ went from viral sensation to 2022’s most adorable movie star

Elvis — Baz Luhrmann’s mad, maximalist glitterbomb of a biopic
Star Austin Butler excels at the karaoke while Tom Hanks exudes childcatcher vibes as his manager Colonel Tom Parker

‘Elvis’ Review: The Baz Luhrmann Treatment
The new Elvis Presley biopic, with Tom Hanks as ‘Colonel’ Tom Parker, is just what you’d expect from the film’s hyperactive director

‘Elvis’ Review: Shocking the King Back to Life
Austin Butler plays the singer, with Tom Hanks as his devilish manager, in Baz Luhrmann’s operatic, chaotic anti-biopic.

Review: Austin Butler is the King incarnate in Baz Luhrmann’s manic, hip-swiveling ‘Elvis’

‘The Black Phone’ Review: The Dead Have Your Number
Ethan Hawke plays the big bad in this 1970s-set child-abduction thriller.

Still Charming at 50: Luis Buñuel’s Greatest Hit
“The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” is a comedy of frustrations in which a sextet of super-civilized haute bourgeois repeatedly attempt and fail to sit down at dinner.

Op-Ed: The things I thought I couldn’t survive made me into a comedian

The Lessons of Nothingness From Maverick Zen Monks
Art today is often a parade of the self. The Freer Gallery of Art presents objects by medieval artists who plunge you into the world by removing you from it.

Song of the Day: Fats Waller, "Your Feet's Too Big"


Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Water Cooler: Afternoon Headlines for June 23, 2022

The Guardian view on digital exclusion: online must not be the only option
The interests of a significant minority are being neglected as everyday tasks are conducted via smartphones and tablets

Can media companies weather a recession? Executives say they’re in stronger shape this time

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee: Screw Web3 — my decentralized internet doesn’t need blockchain
The cyberspace pioneer is skeptical about a blockchain-based internet

Computer chips powered by human brain cells already exist — but is it ethical?
How do we feel about using organic computers for cognitive labor?

Russia Increased Cyber Espionage Against Countries Supporting Ukraine, Microsoft Says
The U.S. has been targeted by Russian intelligence agencies more than any other Ukrainian ally

Businesses risk ‘catastrophic financial loss’ from cyberattacks, US watchdog warns
Private insurance companies increasingly limit coverage against major cyber threats, per a report from the GAO

How instant messaging platforms became a venue for phishing attacks

DALL·E mini has a mysterious obsession with women in saris
The images represent a glitch in the system that even its creator can't explain.

Labor strikes have doubled in the past year. Is high inflation part of the reason?
Inflation is causing workers to see their purchasing power erode, and unionized workers tend to earn more than their nonunionized counterparts.

How brands like Chobani are creating new jobs for refugees
In an initiative called Unstuck, brands including Chobani are making products sourced from suppliers who have also agreed to hire refugees.

The ultimate guide to succeeding in the new workplace
The pandemic has changed the workplace forever. Here’s how you can thrive in the next normal.

What the future of hybrid work will (and won’t) look like, according to 27 business leaders
While the balance between remote and in-office work has become a huge factor in employee retention, companies are still looking for ways to get face-to-face time.

7 successful product development strategies team leads can steal from big tech companies
It's all about finding the right strategy for your team

These deaf and disabled creators are saying no to ‘inspiration porn’
C Talent is elevating overlooked entertainers to new heights, and educating brands and companies on working with deaf and disabled talent.

Top 4 data challenges among agency clients
Be mindful of these potential pitfalls in a marketing landscape where data reigns king.

Create campaign impact by reaching the Workday Consumer
Learn how to attract, convert and retain this new consumer.

Mark Zuckerberg envisions a billion people in the metaverse spending hundreds of dollars each

Facebook Parent Meta Pulls Out of Sponsorship Deal for U.S. 250th Anniversary Project
Tech company cancels remainder of $10 million agreement with organizers of the 2026 national commemoration

August Health digitizes senior living communities for better care

Why the OnlyFans leaders are moving into Web3 avatars with NFT startup Zoop

Rec Room hits 75M lifetime users and $1M in creator payouts for Q1

Is remote work here to stay? An inside look at how this shift could dramatically change cities
Researchers created a model to forecast pandemic-driven changes in Los Angeles. The results were expansive.

This city is the world’s most livable in 2022
Cities in Europe and Canada dominated the Economist Intelligence Unit’s top 10 list this year.

How psychology can help you change someone’s mind
Changing your mind (or someone else’s) is a complex process. But understanding how your brain works can help.

How to design homes for life well beyond 100
The senior housing industry is starting to plan—and build—for a much older future.

There’s a carbon-capture gold rush. Some warn better solutions exist.
To stem climate change, billionaires, politicians and philanthropists say sucking carbon out of the air and storing it underground could work. Critics fiercely disagree.

Song of the Day: Eiko Ishibashi, "To the East"


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Water Cooler: Afternoon Headlines for June 22, 2022

Why celebrated designer Bruce Mau is betting on a new kind of Renaissance
Science, art, and technology converged in the first Renaissance. A new book argues that today’s complex problems can be solved by ‘Renaissance teams.’

Canada to Compel YouTube, TikTok and Streamers to Boost Domestic Content
Government says measures needed to foster growth in domestic cultural sector and make Canadian content more accessible

A brief history of (unintentionally) unbeatable games
KOTOR II on Switch isn't the first game that players literally couldn't finish.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is launching this year

Report: 66% of orgs have 5 or more departments using automation

How Russia’s vaunted cyber capabilities were frustrated in Ukraine

That agent who sounds like they’re from Paris, Texas? Try Paris, France
A startup called Sanas has built voice AI to change accents, now it's raised $32M from Google and others

What Gartner’s top cybersecurity predictions for 2022-23 reveal

Ex-Tesla worker who suffered racist abuse rejects $15M award, seeks new trial
Owen Diaz rejects lowered damages, says it's not enough to punish and deter Tesla.

Activision Blizzard shareholders reject board seat for employees

Millennials and Gen Z want more financial advice from employers. Boomers? Not so much
A new study outlines the different financial habits of each generation

Forget the remote vs in-office debate, we need a personalized approach
We're tired of this already

Activision Blizzard shareholders approve proposal for report on abuse and harassment

How forced arbitration in the workplace became the norm
Mandatory arbitration has grown increasingly popular in employment agreements over the last three decades, as a tool to help shield companies from litigation.

CEO and COO of Pornhub parent company MindGeek abruptly resign

Pornhub owner’s CEO and COO resign
MindGeek CEO Feras Antoon and COO David Tassillo have stepped down

Shopify makes B2B push in attempt to regain momentum
Canadian ecommerce company tries to jump-start growth as pandemic bump fades and threat from Amazon rises

Don’t miss these panels at Vidcon 2022
After a hiatus in 2020 and 2021, Vidcon is back—here are the must-see sessions and panels at the biggest digital creator and fan event of the year.

Geoff Keighley isn’t worried about E3 making a comeback
The unrelenting video game hypeman isn’t sure what E3 is anymore

California lawmakers want to make brands use less single-use plastic
Instead of focusing solely on ramping up recycling, the Plastic Pollution Producer Responsibility Act would require companies to cut the amount of plastic in their packaging—and nudge them toward reusable alternatives.

Streamers worry the end is coming for lax password-sharing rules
A crackdown on passwords hits a nerve for long-time streamers, and muddles the future of fragmented TV

Obi-Wan Jenobi is entirely predictable—but that doesn't make it any less fun
You may know where the story is headed, but the journey is still worth it

Song of the Day: Chronophage, "Summer to Fall"

Daily Headlines for June 22, 2022

In a Return to the Land, Tribes Will Jointly Manage a National Monument
Five Native American tribes will work with the Bureau of Land Management to plan and conserve Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, officials said.

The Black Oysterman Taking Half Shells From the Bar to the Block
The Brooklyn man behind the Real Mother Shuckers wants to return oysters to ubiquity in New York City and honor the legacy of Black oystermen.

'Rednecks 4 Rainbows': Surge in small-town Pride events helps LGBTQ folks find home. Is it enough?

The party of the summer is a secret roller-skating disco at an L.A. botanical garden

These are the people targeted by online hate on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

There’s something devilish about Diablo Immortal’s business model
Though free to play on mobile phones, the new game comes loaded with controversial microtransactions

L.A. City Council backs $25 minimum wage for some health workers

L.A. City Council bypasses ballot, approves measure to reduce workload for hotel housekeepers

U.K. Train Strike Brings Transit Chaos
Travel was disrupted for tens of millions of people during the country’s biggest walkout in decades as union leaders warned of a summer of labor unrest.

Drivers’ Lawsuit Claims Uber and Lyft Violate Antitrust Laws
They accuse the companies of depriving them of employee benefits while also denying them the freedoms of independent contractors.

Military recruitment reform sparks furious protests across India
Anger at scheme to introduce short-term contracts without pensions exposes job crisis amid uneven economic recovery

When Online Shoppers Feel Cheated, It’s Time to Go to Crab Court
Chinese e-commerce companies have found a way to outsource minor disputes: Let other users be the judge

The rise in inflation affects much more than just prices. These are additional effects you should know

US retailers face shake-up as consumers trade down to beat rising prices
Inflation is creating winners and losers among stores as customers seek out cheaper products

Millions of tax returns have not been processed as the I.R.S. tries to clear its backlog.
The agency started the tax season with more than eight million unfinished returns from the previous year.

How to Keep Your Job, or Find a Better One, if There’s a Recession
As more companies disclose layoffs and hiring freezes, jittery workers strategize how to stand out and stay employed

Apprenticeships, Not College, Can Help Reduce Unemployment
A flexible, industry-driven alternative for workforce education has a proven record of success.

The big mistakes of the anti-globalisers
From treating trade as optional to overstating the merits of self-sufficiency, these are errors to avoid as we head into a new world

Bipartisan Gun Bill Clears Initial Vote in Senate
The 64-to-34 vote came just hours after Republicans and Democrats released the text of the legislation, which could become the most significant overhaul of the nation’s gun laws in decades.

Investigators probing ‘deputy gang’ violence were told not to ask about Banditos, chief says

Anarchy is a likelier future for the west than tyranny
The trend of events is not towards strongmen but towards ungovernability

A 9th Circuit panel tossed California’s ban on private immigration facilities. That could change on appeal

Op-Ed: A ruinous Supreme Court decision to dismantle the wall between church and state

Tensions simmer as US Supreme Court’s blockbuster summer drags on
Build-up to rulings on abortion, guns and environmental regulation comes amid increasingly polarised atmosphere

Op-Ed: Only states can stop antiabortion ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ from deceiving consumers

Biden Bans Most Antipersonnel Land Mine Use, Reversing Trump-Era Policy
The move effectively returns to a 2014 policy that forbade the use of the weapons except in defense of South Korea.

Garland, Visiting Ukraine, Names Prosecutor to Investigate Russian War Crimes

Supreme Court Rejects Maine’s Ban on Aid to Religious Schools
The decision was the latest in a series of rulings forbidding the exclusion of religious institutions from government programs.

School’s Out for Summer and Many Teachers Are Calling It Quits
Educators say they are worn down by the Covid-19 pandemic, understaffed schools and political battles. Districts warn of a worsening shortage.

Empty Wall Street Offices to Be Revived as Apartments
55 Broad St. in New York’s financial district will be turned into 571 apartments, one of the largest office conversions to be launched during the pandemic

Stonewall visitor center will be dedicated to LGBTQ history

Flood Control in Miami Beach Means Dry Roads for Some, Soaked Homes for Others
Some residents complain, and even sue the city, as its efforts to raise roads to confront rising sea levels divert water into living quarters

Capturing the Joyful Spirit of a Montana General Store
The state’s oldest continually open general store serves customers in Fishtail from all walks of life, from ranchers and miners to doctors and C.E.O.s.

Hong Kong’s Floating Restaurant Sinks at Sea, Laden With Memories
Jumbo Floating Restaurant, which closed in 2020, capsized in the South China Sea after being towed from the city. The sinking triggered nostalgia for a happier period of Hong Kong history.

Party of one: Is it worth it going to Walt Disney World by yourself?

We are Muslims and Jews. We need the Supreme Court to side with coach's Christian prayer.
Members of minority religions have more to fear from a government that seeks to drive faith from the public square than from one that allows people to profess their faith publicly.

Religion, Schools and the Supreme Court
The Justices say Maine’s tuition program can’t exclude the faithful.

‘It always wins’: North Korea may declare COVID-19 victory

How to Stop Russia’s Plan for Global Food Chaos
A naval coalition of the willing could ensure that Ukrainian grain is able to reach foreign ports.

Washington Might Be About to Do Something Right for America’s Wildlife

L.A. needs 90,000 trees to battle extreme heat. Will residents step up to plant them?

Letters to the Editor: A Times columnist hates jacarandas. These readers are having none of it

California must euthanize 350,000 trout after bacteria outbreak. Recreational fishing could see impact

'No need to panic' as sunspot with potential for solar flares doubles in size overnight, scientists say

How Does NASA Get Back to the Moon? Practice, Practice, Practice.
The agency mostly completed a dress rehearsal of the fueling and countdown of its rocket, a crucial step before it can launch an uncrewed capsule around the moon.

S​outh Korea Launches Satellite With Its Own Rocket for the First Time
The launch brings the country closer to its ambition of becoming a player in the space industry, no longer reliant on technology from other countries.

‘The Last Resort’ Interrogates the Beach While Enjoying It
In her new book, Sarah Stodola tours seaside resorts and catalogs some of the damage they can do.

‘Rogues’ Review: Tales of Crime and Rascality
From a grisly gangster and his righteous sister to a neurobiologist serving life in prison—12 pieces to shock, intrigue and dismay.

Kate Bush always sounded like the future. With a boost from ‘Stranger Things,’ that future is now

Kenny Loggins talks 'Top Gun,' the return of 'Danger Zone' and writing his new memoir

My dad has MS. Why watching 'Wheel of Fortune' together means so much to me

Where to stream 50 of the best TV comedies of all time, from 'I Love Lucy' to 'Atlanta'

Review: Austin Butler rules as the King, but Baz Luhrmann's 'Elvis' is an unchained mess of a movie

‘Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes’ Review: Footage From a Tale of Folly
This HBO documentary provides chilling, recently unearthed video of the progress of a Soviet disaster

‘Lilo & Stitch’ at 20: How It Broke the Mold Long Before ‘Moana’
The animated fan favorite, released 20 years ago this week, featured nuanced depictions of Hawaii and strong female characters.

Broadway Will Drop Mask Mandate Beginning July 1

Claude Rutault, Master of the Painted Word, Is Dead at 80
His paintings were actually instructions for making paintings. One of his signature “protocols” was to paint a canvas the same color as the wall on which it would hang.