Monday, June 13, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 13, 2022

Years after finding it, archeologists enter chamber under a Peruvian temple
The room was lost even to generations of people who lived and worshipped at the site.

Records show ICE uses LexisNexis to check millions, far more than previously thought

Zero-COVID and Free Speech

Welcome to Meta’s weird advertising war with Apple—the musical
Meta’s bizarre $6 million advertising blitz shows just what’s at stake for the company.

The DeanBeat: The Summer Game Fest had no Elden Ring, but it still showed the vibrancy of gaming

Starfield gameplay premiere resembles “No Man’s Skyrim,” leads Xbox showcase
Forza Motorsport stands out as a current-gen stunner. But what about today's no-shows?

Watch 15 minutes of Starfield gameplay
A hugely ambitious new IP from Bethesda

Bethesda’s Todd Howard gives us another glimpse of Starfield

Microsoft unveils A44’s Flintlock: Siege of Dawn action RPG

June’s Journey is helping the planet one tree at a time

Is "acceptably non-dystopian" self-sovereign identity even possible?

Google engineer says AI bot wants to ‘serve humanity’ but experts dismissive
Blake Lemoine claims of sentience for artificial intelligence bot described as ‘ball of confusion’ by Steven Pinker

Google engineer put on leave after saying AI chatbot has become sentient
Blake Lemoine says system has perception of, and ability to express thoughts and feelings equivalent to a human child

Google suspends engineer who claims its AI is sentient
It claims Blake Lemoine breached its confidentiality policies

“Sentient” artificial intelligence: Have we reached peak AI hype?

Best running gear: top gadgets to keep you motivated
From music on the go to GPS watches and apps such as Strava, tech to help you clock up the miles

A living room on a skateboard: how electric vehicles are redefining the car
Future EV designs offer drivers more space and leisure, with fewer parts making production more sustainable

Cloud costs are unmanageable: It’s time we standardize billing

Web3 is a myth, and that’s okay

She tracked her boyfriend using an AirTag — then killed him, police say

Unity CEO: The killer app of the metaverse will be more like TikTok than Fortnite
John Riccitiello doesn’t think people really want universal avatars. Many metaverse destinations won’t require avatars at all, he told Protocol.

Apple Goes Deeper Into Finance With Buy Now, Pay Later Offering
Tech giant will approve borrowers and fund loans itself rather than rely on a bank

As energy prices soar, the bitcoin miners may find they have struck fool’s gold
The rising price of electricity and the plunging value of the cryptocurrency could burst the speculative bubble for today’s prospectors

As startup layoffs continue, some perspective

John Oliver on big tech: ‘Ending a monopoly is almost always a good thing’
The Last Week Tonight host examined Google, Amazon and Apple and efforts to address ‘anti-competitive conduct’

At WWDC, Apple finally turned all its devices into one big platform
Instead of feeling like five operating systems, iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS, and tvOS are now one big experience—mostly for the better, with some caveats.

Meta Scrutinizing Sheryl Sandberg’s Use of Facebook Resources Over Several Years
Review focuses on the extent to which staffers worked on her personal projects

Meta-morphosis or More Pain? Possible Futures for Facebook’s Parent Company
Meta Platforms is facing all kinds of headwinds—from flat user growth to $10 billion in lost revenue this year alone from Apple’s privacy changes. Realizing its transformative goal may depend on successfully building a whole new business for itself.

Yahoo appoints six new board members, including Jessica Alba

Spotify is buying a company that helped put Val Kilmer in Top Gun: Maverick
Spotify has bought AI voice outfit Sonantic for an undisclosed sum.

Cereal maker Magic Spoon scoops up $85M as it lands spot on Target shelves

Biden Plan for EV Chargers on Highways Meets Skepticism in Rural West
The U.S. wants fast EV chargers on the interstate, but Colorado, New Mexico and other states with miles of remote highway say putting chargers everywhere doesn’t make sense

This stunning garden uses playground equipment and copper tubes to water itself
Milan’s botanical garden is self-powered—thanks partly to the energy created by its human visitors.

Netflix reveals new Dragon Age and Tekken animated series

Dragon Age gets a new anime on Netflix
Hopefully it will be better than the last Dragon Age show

For All Mankind’s first season is currently free to stream
Its third season released on Apple TV Plus last week

Squid Game season two is finally, officially announced for Netflix
Not that it was ever in doubt

Marc Newson designed his Knoll task chair to last ‘forever’
The industrial designer shares the design process behind his first task chair, and why he aims to build icons rather than circular designs.

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