Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 7, 2022

Why every new TV show has a podcast
Plus, Spotify finds its new head of podcast tech.

OnlyFans says it’s not seeing a Netflix-like slowdown in subscribers despite rising inflation

Smartphones Blur the Line Between Civilian and Combatant
In Ukraine, civilians are valiantly assisting the army via apps—and challenging a tenet of international law in the process.

Europe seals deal on USB Type-C common charger rules

This simple, stylish digital picture frame has replaced social media in my life
The Mason Luxe digital photo frame from Aura Frames is a stylish way to fill your house with memories—and let friends and family share theirs, too.

AI may be more effective than humans for business use cases: Redbox report

Today’s unexpected Supreme Court victory could exempt more gig workers from forced arbitration
The case at hand involved an airplane cargo supervisor who took Southwest Airlines to court for overtime issues back in 2019.

Many CEOs are now making 670 times more than their company’s median-wage workers
At 49 publicly traded companies, the gap between what CEOs and median-wage workers earn is a 1,000-to-1 ratio.

What is stagflation? The World Bank issues a warning about the economy
The World Bank warns that the economy may be at risk of regressing to the 1970s.

Bipartisan crypto regulatory overhaul would treat most digital assets as commodities under CFTC oversight

The most ridiculous arguments in the remote vs in-office debate
From cheese addictions to unfortunate zoom incidents

5 lessons for marginalized employees to reclaim the workplace
Author Alan Henry’s new book “Seen, Heard, and Paid” is an essential guide for marginalized employees.

The rise of ‘supertokenism’—and what organizations get flat wrong about DEI
Want to dismantle exclusionary power structures at your company? Skip the supertokens, writes Dori Tunstall, OCAD University dean of design.

How brands like Nike and Prada are using NFTs—and why it could go terribly wrong
Top brands are experimenting with NFTs to add another dimension to their businesses. But they should proceed with caution.

Meta Shakes Up AI Unit Amid Drive for Growth
AI hubs will become part of product groups as a way of turning research into business assets more quickly, and in line with the company’s metaverse aspirations

Netflix, BlackRock CEOs Among Those Newly Sanctioned by Russia
Bosses, government officials are sanctioned by Moscow after raft of economic measures taken against officials and oligarchs by the West

How to screen remote-learning apps for privacy
Make sure the apps students are using to learn aren’t learning too much about them

React JS conference to return in November — LGBTQ not invited
You ain't got to go home, but you can't be queer here

Why nuclear energy is on the verge of a renaissance

Dreamy first teaser for The Sandman helps kick off Netflix’s Geeked Week
Also: Locke & Key S3, The Midnight Club, Resident Evil, Wednesday, and more.

Netflix’s The Sandman wakes and dreams of freedom in new trailer
The Sandman premieres this summer

Ms. Marvel feels like the future of the MCU
Ms. Marvel stars Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan

Day Shift’s new behind-the-scenes teaser promises one hell of a vampire-hunting ride
Gig workers vs. vampires

First look at Netflix’s Wendell & Wild
Wendell & Wild is coming to Netflix this fall

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