Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Water Cooler: Afternoon Headlines for June 21, 2022

These Women Say One Man Terrorized Them Online for Years. Then, They Decided to Band Together.
Harassed across the internet for more than a decade, a group of women found each other—and their alleged tormentor.

‘The worst person you know’: the man who unwittingly became a meme
Josep Maria García got the shock of his life when he found his image associated with the phrase online

Rise of the sides: how Grindr finally recognized gay men who aren’t tops or bottoms
The dating app’s new category offers visibility to those who have long felt isolated when it comes to sex

USA Today to Remove 23 Articles After Investigation Into Fabricated Sources
The articles were removed after an investigation identified fabricated sources in stories by a breaking news reporter.

Apple's boss-hating ad was one of the most popular on all of YouTube
Apple's popular ad has found a place in a new top ten chart.

The Unabomber is the subject of Apple's next big podcast release
Ted Kaczynski killed eight and injured 23 people, with police taking 18 years to capture him.

Diablo Immortal streamer destroys $16K gem in protest, deletes game live
Diablo Immortal's predatory monetization continues to make waves...

Review: Sonic Origins is a tragic example of good classics ruined by greed
Polish can't make up for egregious DLC sales pitch, lacking content.

The real key to a strong password? Math
Math and language can combine to map the globe and create strong passwords, using the power of three random words.

Amazon drones are coming to town. Some locals want to shoot them.
Amazon says its delivery drones will bring the future to Lockeford, Calif., but not everyone in the rural ranch town is ready for takeoff

Roe v. Wade leak heightens data privacy concerns

Hackers stole Social Security numbers in Flagstar data breach affecting 1.5 million customers

An anthropologist explains why we need a universal language when talking about the metaverse
Norms set in the next few years are likely to structure the metaverse for decades. But first we all need common conceptual ground.

Researchers discover lack of confidence in state of open-source security

How companies can avoid ethical pitfalls when building AI products

How AI-powered pricing improves margins and protects consumers

This is the ultimate guide to writing a standout resume
Pro Tip: Put yourself in their shoes. If you’re reading hundreds of résumés, the ones that concisely convey the right information and are easily readable will grab attention.

The science of what makes work meaningful
Meaningful work isn’t just some lofty goal. In a tight labor market, it’s essential to keeping your employees. On this episode of The New Way We Work, we explore how to find meaning and fulfillment in any job.

Why sharing your troubles with coworkers can increase your productivity
It can be hard to be vulnerable at work, but research suggests it can have many benefits.

What's on your desk, Alice Newcome-Beill?
Gaming tech, fan collections, and cats and dogs

Post-Roe, the morning after pill will be crucial. Startups are racing to increase access
Stix will start selling emergency contraception today, and it’s also launching billboards near crisis pregnancy centers to help combat misinformation.

This new platform matches Ukrainian refugees with American sponsors
Americans can sponsor Ukrainians resettlement in the U.S., but typically, they have to know who to help. A new tool connects potential sponsors with Ukrainians they’ve never met.

Snap is tired of being misunderstood—and it just hired one of the world’s best storytellers
Why former Wieden+Kennedy exec Colleen DeCourcy is coming out of a brief retirement to help Snap move beyond being “the best known, least understood” social platform.

UK flight schools hire instructors for electric aircraft as fuel prices bite
Pilot schools are recruiting instructors to meet demand for more sustainable and cheaper training

Kellogg is splitting into 3 companies: Here’s what each one will focus on
The cereal giant will become three distinct companies in a deal that is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

My Avastars: WowWee and Gamefam are making physical metaverse dolls

Ex-Amazon employee convicted over data breach of 100 million CapitalOne customers

Afropolitan raises millions from Balaji Srinivasan and others to build a digital nation
What would a digital country for Africans and the diaspora look like? Afropolitan has some answers

Unexpected polar bear population may offer some hope for the species
The remote place these bears call home could offer refuge as sea ice dwindles.

NASA finally fuels moon rocket, but first launch remains a question
The ‘wet dress rehearsal’ test was largely successful, NASA said. But a hydrogen leak cut the test slightly short.

Eso Won Books In South LA Will Close Its Doors

Before He Was a Musician, John Lennon Was a Philatelist (September 2018)
Marking the arrival of a new postage stamp, the musician’s boyhood collection is on view at the National Postal Museum

Freddie Mercury, Musical Genius and Stamp Collector (September 2017)
The singer-songwriter’s childhood stamp album offers an insight to his character

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult Get Funky on Lost ‘Sexplosion!’ Outtake
The long-running industrial-disco group has reworked “Any Way You Wanna” for a new vinyl reissue

Paramount+ announces plan for 150 international originals ahead of U.K. and Ireland launch

Everyone’s ready to die on that hill in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2’s first trailer
The fighting’s going to the Upside Down

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