Monday, June 20, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 20, 2022

Celebrating Juneteenth is fraught with emotion, but we must look to the future for hope
There is a duality to Juneteenth that July 4 doesn’t have to bear. Help us feel better about celebrating our emancipation by evening the playing field.

Watermelon for sale? Juneteenth ice cream? Some Black leaders warn there is a wrong way to celebrate.

Opal Lee helped make Juneteenth a national holiday. At 95, she's still got work to do.

Overlooked No More: William B. Gould, Escaped Slave and Civil War Diarist
He served nearly three years in the U.S. Navy and documented almost all of it, leaving an invaluable record of Black life during the war.

Saving Historic Songs, and a Jewish Culture in Morocco
For centuries after the expulsion from Spain, Morocco’s Sephardic Jewish women sang of love, loss and identity. Now, they’re almost all gone.

When #Vanlife Meets the $300 Tank
Remaining in destinations longer, using gas apps and signing up for fuel cards allow nomadic travelers to stay on the road.

This Is a Weirder Moment Than You Think

The ‘Hard Yakka’ of Defining Australian English’s Many Quirks
It took a while for Australians to appreciate their linguistic distinctiveness. The editors at the Australian National Dictionary Center work to document it.

Sometimes ‘Proper’ Speech Isn’t Correct Speech

How Alex Morgan, Liz Cambage and Ali Krieger are solving a problem facing women in sports

Visible Women podcast takes aim at a world designed for men
The new series begins by looking at why personal protective equipment is often unsuitable for female bodies

Channel 4 privatisation is a solution in search of a problem
This model has helped sustain a successful British industry, and has proved itself across four decades of film and television

Ransomware gangs target Japan as a feeding ground
AI translation software makes the Japanese language a less formidable barrier to cyber attacks than in the past

The new workplace: what young starters need to know
The rise of hybrid working is making employers reassess the balance of online and in-person training for graduate recruits

Why pay rises for your company’s ‘flight risks’ can backfire
The Great Resignation has complicated the practice of counter-offering to a worker who threatens to leave

Humour in the office matters, but can a boss be funny?
Leaders need a little levity to inject some closeness and trust into workplace relationships

Ukraine’s Highly Mobile Tech Work Force Hits the Road
How one Lithuanian company evacuated dozens of employees, three dogs and one guinea pig as Russia invaded.

Walking on Hot Coals: A Company Event Goes Wrong
More than two dozen employees of a Swiss company were injured while walking in bare feet over hot coals, an ancient religious tradition that has become popular on corporate retreats.

Jan. 6 witnesses push Trump stalwarts back to rabbit hole

The Hands-Off Tech Era Is Over
More government intervention will slow tech down. Is that good or bad?

Why is China denying Hong Kong was ever a British colony?

New Yorkers Honor a Thriving Black Village Displaced by Central Park
On Juneteenth, a commemoration tells the story of Seneca Village, which was pushed out when the park was created in the 1850s.

La Mesa will keep raising LGBTQ flag despite objections that it’s ‘political messaging’
City hall shouldn’t ‘be a billboard for any group of people, any cause, any agenda or any movement,’ one council member said

As the Schindler House turns 100, a new exhibition reexamines its complex legacy

Column: They’ve been making the world’s best pastrami sandwiches for 75 years. Can they keep it up?

Scientists find new population of polar bears hanging on despite rapidly changing climate
Bears in southeast Greenland survive by hunting on both sea and freshwater ice, a new study shows, but scientists warn that the threat from climate change remains.

These five people could make or break the Colorado River

Yellowstone National Park to partially reopen Wednesday after destructive flooding

George Lamming, Who Chronicled the End of Colonialism, Dies at 94
Born in Barbados, he was among the last of a generation of writers who traced the Caribbean’s transition to independence.

Meet the outlandish AMC boss betting on memes and a literal gold mine to save movies

Phil Tippett’s World in (Stop) Motion
The animator and visual effects artist, whose credits include “Jurassic Park” and “The Empire Strikes Back,” has directed his passion project, “Mad God.”

In ‘First Kill,’ Hunter and Prey Fall in Love
This Netflix series about a star-crossed teenage romance between a bloodsucker and a monster hunter has roots in both “Romeo and Juliet” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Meet one of live music’s most powerful people: Adele’s booker, Lucy Dickins
She is co-head of global talent giant WME’s music division and has 90 of her own clients

How Louis Theroux Became a ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ Sensation at Age 52
Decades into his career, the British American journalist has an unlikely TikTok hit that could be the song of the summer. “I am not trying to make it as a rapper,” he says.

'I'm a grateful guy': Bret Michaels on health, touring solo and with Poison and a love of bandanas

Paul McCartney is turning 80, so naturally we ranked his 80 best songs

Donald Pippin, Conductor on Broadway and Beyond, Dies at 95
As music director, he contributed to the success of acclaimed shows including “Oliver!,” “Mame,” “La Cage aux Folles” and “A Chorus Line.”

At Ace Hotel, being Hannah Gadsby has never been funnier

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