Friday, June 17, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 17, 2022

How to celebrate the complexity of Juneteenth
It’s not just an excuse to indulge in a long weekend, celebrating Juneteenth means acknowledging the horrors that came before and after it.

One chart illustrates how languages are the same across the globe
Researchers have found that cultures around the world developed independent languages that function within the same bounds of human processing.

Julian Assange’s extradition from UK to US approved by home secretary
Appeal likely after Priti Patel gives green light to extradition of WikiLeaks co-founder

Spotify bet everyone would forget about the Joe Rogan controversy—and it paid off
Spotify’s star-studded lineup at Cannes Lion looks to turn the page. It’s a case study of a brand staring down criticism—and prevailing.

BuzzFeed Taps Karolina Waclawiak as Editor in Chief of News Division
Waclawiak, a six-year BuzzFeed veteran, has served as the site’s top culture editor

We warned Google that people might believe AI was sentient. Now it’s happening.

How to strike the right balance between UX and data privacy

The truth about AI and ROI: Can artificial intelligence really deliver?

The driving enthusiast’s dilemma with electric cars
EVs are better at almost everything, but more power doesn't always mean more fun.

What is generative artificial intelligence (AI)?

What is computer vision (or machine vision)?

Does being nice hurt your career?
New research looks at whether niceness really impacts your success.

Stop Slacking me: How to set digital boundaries for chatty co-workers
The lines between socialization and work have blurred on digital platforms. Sometimes that’s a problem.

The rise of the CPO: Why this role is more important than ever
Renee Niemi explains how CPOs will shape the future of business

SpaceX Said to Fire Employees Involved in Letter Rebuking Elon Musk
In an email, Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s president, said the letter had made other employees “feel uncomfortable, intimidated and bullied.”

TikTok exec: We’re not a social network like Facebook, we’re an entertainment platform

Influencers abandon TikTok Shop in latest blow to UK ecommerce venture
Content creators say ‘livestream’ model means they earn less and now take flak for limited stock and shipping issues

WWE boss Vince McMahon steps away from CEO role, will address misconduct probe on ‘Smackdown’

Indian esports fantasy startup FanClash raises $40 million

These Catholic churches in Europe are unlike anything you’ve seen before
A new book by photographer Jamie McGregor Smith highlights the important role that architecture played in the Catholic Church’s mission to bring people back after WWII.

Kids under five can now be vaccinated against COVID-19
The FDA cleared the shots for America’s youngest children

Can we ‘reprogramme’ our brain for happiness? Former head of Google X says yes
That little voice in your head says...

Either a bird went on vacation or scientists need a tourist to return their equipment
There’s a £100 reward for its return

This Styrofoam-eating ‘superworm’ could help solve the garbage crisis
Scientists across the world are trying to find bacteria and bugs that consume trash. A plastic-consuming worm is the latest.

A huge offshore wind farm is jumping on a growing industry trend — recyclable turbine blades

This gorgeous leather is made from the hide of a wildly predatory fish
Inversa makes beautiful products from the hides of lionfish, which are destroying ecosystems in the Atlantic Ocean.

Behold the Magnetar, nature’s ultimate superweapon
Their magnetic fields—the strongest we've observed—could melt you from 1,000 km away.

Pete Doherty: ‘Kate Moss didn’t go to crack dens. If I’m honest, that’s why we broke up’
Twenty years after the Libertines’ narcotics-fuelled heyday, has the singer really put the chaos behind him?

It’s the hosts versus humanity in tantalizing Westworld S4 trailer
"Maybe it’s time you questioned the nature of your own reality."

Crunchyroll announces reboot of space western Trigun
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