Friday, June 03, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 3, 2022

Some states want to raise the age for assault rifle purchases. Would that curb mass shootings?
Compared to handguns, rifles have long evaded strict regulation. Shifting those deeply rooted notions has proven difficult.

How the pandemic impacted introverts and extroverts differently
The pandemic put both groups at risk of burnout, but for different reasons.

Barry Sussman, Washington Post editor who oversaw Watergate reporting, dies at 87

Why are so many high-income Americans living paycheck to paycheck?
“Lifestyle creep” occurs when an individual’s standard of living increases along with his or her income, but that’s not the whole picture here.

The crypto-skeptics’ voices are getting louder
A growing number of tech and financial experts are issuing warnings about cryptocurrency investments. What will their cries mean?

Your remote employees aren’t disloyal. They just need more of this
Retaining remote employees means connecting with teams on an emotional level.

How the myth of the ‘girlboss’ harms emerging women in tech
'The culture is anxiety-inducing'

The delivery market is coming down from its pandemic highs
It's choppy waters ahead for delivery startups

The Iron Man Model: How Startups and the Military Can Work Together

Why Sheryl Sandberg Quit Facebook’s Meta
One of the world’s most powerful executives became increasingly burned out and disconnected from the mega-business she was instrumental in building. That dovetailed with a company investigation into her activities.

Sandvine Pulls Back From Russia as US, EU Tighten Control on Technology It Sells
Deep packet inspection equipment can be used to monitor internet traffic — and censor specific websites

Mexico City’s Kolors wants to disrupt intercity busing in Latin America

It’s “now or never” on climate change, but that doesn’t mean we’re doomed
At Ars Frontiers, panelists discussed the need for ethical solutions to climate change.

Americans want more electric vehicles, but 50% by 2030 looks unlikely
The White House and automakers have bold plans, but are they realistic?

What the simple mathematical abilities of animals can tell us about ourselves
Ars chats with UCL's Brian Butterworth about his new book Can Fish Count?.

With glass buried under ice, Microsoft plans to preserve music for 10,000 years
A new vault for music could protect one of our greatest art forms for future generations.

Spotify Podcasters Are Making $18,000 a Month With Nothing But White Noise
Some of the audio app's biggest podcast hits are full of soothing static and calming sounds

The surprising psychology of fonts
How typefaces impact emotions remains largely unstudied, but a new report suggests that different fonts can elicit different emotions.

See how the iconic Airstream has evolved over the past 90 years
A new museum showcases the instantly recognizable design that’s been shaped by world history.

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