Thursday, June 16, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 16, 2022

The Anti-Abortion Movement Weaponizes Women Against Women
Anti-abortion women perpetuate the idea that women’s lives are about deference and self-sacrifice. But women must help one another see ourselves as human first.

Can we design our way out of disaster?
Five trends from the world’s largest design fair, Salone del Mobile, suggest the design community is keen to try.

The love, forgiveness and healing fathers need
Fathers have a profound impact on their children's lives, yet an estimated ten million kids in the US see their dads less than once a month. Through his advocacy and mental health center, therapist Charles C. Daniels, Jr. empowers fathers to be more present by providing mentorship and community, so they learn to forgive their own shortcomings and, most importantly, learn how to reconnect with their kids.

How Facebook became Pakistan’s hottest matchmaking site
A ban on dating apps like Tinder has left young Pakistanis with limited avenues to meet new people. Facebook matchmaking groups are gaining popularity among them.

Twitter invented a Clippy for cyberbullying
Read to the end for a troubling Morbius video

Pushing Buttons: Why every big game looks the same
From identikit space pirates to a Call of Duty remake, news from the three big gaming expos reveals that nostalgia trumps new ideas in game design

Genvid interview: The emerging genre of massive interactive live events (MILEs)

‘TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge’ was made by fans for fans. Here’s how.

Diablo Immortal: How to beat the Library of Zoltan Kulle
Diablo Immortal's first big hurdle doesn't mean you have to buy anything in order to succeed.

“I Am Gen Z”: How The Youngest Generation Is Braving Technological Submersion

New EU laws requiring Big Tech to scan for child abuse content are technologically unfeasible
The trade-off between protecting children and protecting user privacy underscores how combating online child sexual abuse is indeed a “wicked problem.”

The next big social platform is…the smartphone’s homescreen

‘Wallets and eyeballs’: how eBay turned the internet into a marketplace
The story of the modern web is often told through the stories of Google, Facebook, Amazon. But eBay was the first conqueror

Is LaMDA Sentient? — an Interview

What is artificial intelligence classification?

Don’t Boycott Amazon
They’re too big to be hurt by individual consumer choice. Instead, hit them where it really hurts.

‘Let it rot’: China’s tech workers struggle to find jobs
Beijing’s assault on Big Tech has led to mass dismissals as Covid-19 lockdowns batter economic growth

We’re in the Midst of a White-Collar Crime Wave
Financial malfeasance has never been more rampant, or more under-punished.

India lifts ban on Mastercard

How John Oliver helped take the issue of tech antitrust into the mainstream
Two bills reining in the power of major platform operators, including Apple, Google, Meta, and Amazon, could finally reach a full Senate floor debate this summer. But time is running out as midterm elections loom.

Andy Jassy’s First Year at Amazon: Undoing Bezos-Led Overexpansion
Amid one of the worst stretches for financial performance in Amazon’s history, the new CEO is working to cut back the excesses of an e-commerce operation the company expanded at breakneck pace during much of the Covid-19 pandemic

Why an empty booth was my favorite exhibit at this year’s NeoCon trade show
Reseat isn’t in the business of making new furniture. Instead, it’s focused on giving old office furniture a new lease on life.

Fear & Loathing in San Francisco: How Chesa Boudin Got Blamed
In this reputedly progressive city, tech and real estate money has bankrolled a centrist backlash.

The School Board Culture War
Republicans are pushing national wedge issues to the local level, but smart progressives are beating them.

The GOP’s Pedophilia Smears Are An Incitement to Violence
The fusion of QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy theories with a homophobic moral panic makes the current Republican grooming smears a threat to the physical safety of LGBTQ people.

Meditation Is a Political Act
Meditation is about facing suffering squarely and seeing reality clearly. That’s why it’s the best starting place if you want to help a troubled world, says Zen teacher Dan Zigmond.

The Power of Silence
Silence can be noble or ignoble, liberating or oppressive. Bhante Sumano on knowing when, why, and how to be silent — but not silenced.

Not Everyone Will Come

United States to Refugees: Don’t Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor!
Putting out the welcome mat for white Christians—while slamming the door in the faces of other migrants—is an American tradition.

How a Religious Sect Landed Google in a Lawsuit
A video producer claims he was fired after he complained that an obscure group based in the Sierra foothills dominated a business unit at Google.

Walking In the Footsteps of the Buddha
When we visit the very places where the Buddha lived and taught, we discover deeper meaning in his teachings. Shantum Seth takes us on a sacred pilgrimage.

The History of Stand up Paddling

History of Stand up Paddle Surf

Oh great, just what we need: eau de caffeine

What if the Wind and Sunshine Really Belonged to All of Us?
Only by taking a more radical approach to renewables—one inspired by American history—can we build the constituency needed to make climate justice a reality.

America’s Largest, Most Neglected Machine Could Be the Key to Radical Climate Activism
Most of us ignore the electrical grid, but it’s a crucial part of the transition to renewable energy capacity.

How bitcoin is reviving fossil fuel plants – video

The Final Frontier
Olga Ravn brings the office novel to space.

We Had to Remove This Post by Hanna Bervoets review – confessions of a content moderator
This Dutch novel takes aim at the depersonalising corrosiveness of the internet, but becomes laboured

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Jennifer Egan’s worldwide webs.

Friends and Strangers
John Keene’s poetry of others.

Grand Ambitions
Hanya Yanagihara’s überfiction.

Netflix’s binge-release model is under new scrutiny as the streaming giant struggles

Players tries to skewer esports with an awkward mix of humor and drama
Players frequently relies on crass humor, and I wish it hadn’t

NFTs as a democratizing force for artists and patrons

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