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Daily Headlines for June 25, 2022

Abortion in America — the road to rolling back Roe vs Wade
Most in the US believe the landmark 1973 decision should have been retained. Lyz Lenz, raised in the Christian right, explains how a coalition was built to overturn it

Fall of Roe v. Wade Upends Abortion Landscape for American Women
Clinics will close and telemedicine abortions could expand as half of U.S. states are expected to ban or restrict the procedure

The Ruling Overturning Roe Is an Insult to Women and the Judicial System

Nonbinary Airline Passengers Ask: What’s Gender Got to Do With It?
Despite recent federal changes meant to better include gender-diverse travelers, most U.S. airlines still require passengers to select “male” or “female” when booking a ticket.

‘Hotbed’ Review: Early Feminists Debating a Better Tomorrow
The members of Greenwich Village’s Heterodoxy club didn’t care about smart chat. They wanted to change the world.

In Warsaw Park, Ukraine’s Teen Refugees Hang Out and Hang On
Some fled to Poland’s capital alone. All feel deeply uneasy about the future. For the young Ukrainians packing into Poland’s capital, a park offers a place where they can try to cope, together.

‘Bingo’: A Children’s Song That Became a Grown-Up Pastime
The ditty about a dog turned its name into an expression of surprise.

Tutankhamun rises again in show looking at ancient Egypt’s cultural legacy
The Factum Foundation’s display at the Masterpiece art fair has a digital recreation of the pharaoh’s tomb

Inside the secret, often bizarre world that decides what porn you see
The adult industry’s de facto regulator isn’t government, international convention or business itself. It’s Mastercard and Visa

Germany Ends Ban on Abortion Advertisement
The vote to scrap the law came on the same day that Roe v. Wade was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Netflix in a Race Against Time With Advertising
Partnerships would allow streaming giant to enter ad business faster as inflation and market saturation make subscriber growth harder

Italian podcast start-ups bet a politics-free approach will pay off
Chora Media and Will Media say they can capitalise on the frustration of younger generations with traditional media

Your phone’s notification settings and the meaning of life
App developers know we’re hardwired to stick with the default option

How Advisors Skip Financial Jargon In Favor Of Plain English

The Controversial Economics of Abortion Law
The Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade will bring new scrutiny to research over the past several decades studying the socioeconomic effects of abortion liberalization.

Industry Themes: When Times Get Tough, Discount Retailers Get Busy

Companies vow to help employees access abortion after Roe vs. Wade is overturned

After Roe v. Wade Ruling, Employers Weigh In on Abortion and Benefits—Cautiously
Businesses with health plans covering abortion now are weighing whether and how to pay for employees to travel to a state where the procedure is legal

Companies Are More Vocal Than Ever on Social Issues. Not on Abortion.
The corporate response to the Supreme Court’s Friday decision was more muted, and the companies that did speak out mostly talked about their health care policies.

Bosses Swear by the 90-Day Rule to Keep Workers Long Term
Chipotle, Waste Management and others gear hiring around reaching a milestone they say is critical to employee retention

Crypto feels the shockwaves from its own ‘credit crisis’
Fear, uncertainty and doubt grip market as big names struggle

Pringles has a secret recipe for making the irresistible snack
The processed crisp brand is still growing half a century after it was invented by scientists

Robinhood’s depiction of liquidity during ‘meme stock’ frenzy questioned
US congressional committee releases findings from 18-month probe into wild market swings of January 2021

Roe’s Death Will Change American Democracy

The four key turning points that led to the fall of Roe vs. Wade

Op-Ed: Ending Roe is a pure exercise of Republican power, wielded to reduce women’s freedom and equality

With Roe dead, Republicans call for abortion bans in all states

Who is worse company, the left or the right?
The choice is between joylessness and philistinism

President Biden Signs Landmark Gun Bill
President calls it the biggest changes to the nation’s gun laws in decades and a response to families of victims in recent high-profile shootings

States Rush to Revamp Laws After Supreme Court’s Gun Ruling
After some restrictions on gun permits were deemed unconstitutional, legislators announced plans to craft new laws that honor the ruling while still creating limits.

‘One Person, One Vote’ Review: Gerrymander to Win the Game
Is it a well-balanced legislative district or noxiously partisan electoral map? How most of us see it is colored by the outcomes we want.

Police declare unlawful assembly in downtown L.A. as abortion rights protests wind down

The woman who brought down Roe vs. Wade wants to take abortion battle to California

She was loved for standing up to China. She may die in jail
The story of Claudia Mo is also that of Beijing’s tightening grip on Hong Kong

‘C.L.R. James’ Review: From Trinidad to Trotsky
Radical thinker, erudite historian, cricket enthusiast, C.L.R. James labored in obscurity—then became a presiding deity for the British left.

‘The Socratic Method’ Review: Let Us Reason Together
Amid 21st-century rancor,an ancient Athenian philosopher offers an alternative: truth and a little humility.

The Historian George Chauncey Wins the Kluge Humanities Prize
Chauncey, a professor of American history at Columbia, becomes the first scholar in L.G.B.T.Q. studies to receive the $500,000 award.

Rethinking the way we travel
Setting aside our assumptions can help us to discover new places — and become more hospitable at home

Yellowstone Gateway Town in Montana Braces for Months Without Tourists
A monumental flood has left the town of Gardiner and local businesses largely cut off from the area’s top attraction

My hot take on the future of heatwaves
With scorching temperatures becoming increasingly severe, some places will simply fail to cope

U.N. chief warns of ‘catastrophe’ from global food shortage

As Russia Chokes Ukraine’s Grain Exports, Romania Tries to Fill In
With famine threatening millions, Europe is intent on finding alternatives to one of world’s biggest food exporters, whose landlocked crop is stranded by war.

The wild woods of Tuscany
Oasyhotel, a new collection of lodges on a WWF reserve, is only 40 miles from Florence but offers deep immersion in forests where wolves still roam

Brazil’s Best-Kept Secret: The Canyons of Santa Catarina
Most tourists in Brazil flock to the beaches, but real adventurers feel the pull of the Santa Catarina mountains, with their splendid-beyond-belief scenery

The Forensic Scientists Fighting Timber Theft
At the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Forensics Lab in Oregon, researchers are building a chemical database of trees threatened by illegal harvesting

Using Science to Predict the Future(s)
Envisioning how things could, and even should, work in the universe can help to figure out how they do work—and vice versa

‘France’ Review: Cycling Into the Past
The French nation is a patchwork of diverse localities and histories—maybe best encountered from atop a bicycle.

Tofu is a cornucopia of taste. No really
Vegans aren’t the only ones who should get to savour this casket of wonders

The Best Brownie Recipe: A Chocolate Lover’s Guide
Brownies from scratch are easy to master if you keep a few fundamentals in mind (and use really good chocolate). Our baking pro shares her top tips.

Column: I’m a Catholic kid who supports abortion rights — thanks to my church’s catechism class

The not-so-Great Gatsby. Why there’s no such thing as an accidental plagiarist
Everyone steals when they write, but where does ‘good’ theft end and clumsy rip-off start?

‘The Poets of Rapallo’ Review: Ezra Pound’s Fascist Paradise
To wage a literary revolution based in Mussolini’s Italy, Pound looked to Yeats, Hemingway and others as recruits.

Writer Vladimir Sorokin: ‘I underestimated the power of Putin’s madness’
The Russian exile on seeing his fiction become fact, the ‘zombie’ of empire — and how culture will pay a price for the war on Ukraine

Nature Just Beyond the Doorstep
Gilbert White’s ‘The Natural History of Selborne’ encourages us to find wonder in our backyards.

U.S. Orchestras Playing More Works by Women and Minorities, Report Says
The recent discussions over racial justice and gender disparities appear to have accelerated efforts to bring more diversity to classical music.

Opera’s Lack of Diversity Extends to Offstage, a Study Shows
Opera America’s study found a striking dearth of minorities in the administrative ranks of opera companies.

Mannish Boy — how Muddy Waters created an American classic
The blues singer’s 1955 track brought an assertive swagger to Bo Diddley’s original

Review: Before Riccardo Muti Leaves Chicago, a Verdi Farewell
“Un Ballo in Maschera” is the last in a series of Verdi operas led in concert by the Chicago Symphony’s music director, who departs after next season.

Watching ‘Queer as Folk’ but Craving ‘Heartstopper’
Major reboots and revivals are falling short in the writing as they try to diversify and expand their L.G.B.T.Q. worlds. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Immersed in ‘Stranger Things,’ Then Strolling to Beckett
Our writer checked out two very different experiences in New York. In Netflix’s TV re-creation, you fight Demogorgons. In “Cascando,” you walk off your existential angst.

Artist Markus Selg: ‘We’re further in the metaverse than most of us think’
He has spent his career testing the boundaries between life and virtual reality, in his studio and now on the opera stage

Hot Pants, Those Subversive 1970s Short Shorts, Are At It Again
From Gucci and Prada to American Eagle, fashion has re-embraced the risqué style. But are these itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie bottoms still shocking this time around? Here, a look at their history—plus four styles to try.

F.B.I. Investigates Basquiat Paintings Shown at Orlando Museum of Art
A subpoena raises questions about an exhibition of works “purported to be by artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.”

Harry Gesner, Architect of Soaring California Style, Dies at 97
His houses cantilevered from cliffs, straddled canyons and sprung from mountains; they would come to define the Southern California landscape.

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