Thursday, June 02, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 2, 2022

How to master a life transition

New CNN boss has a message for staffers: Cool it with the ‘Breaking News’ banner

Who’s liable for AI-generated lies?
The dark side of large language models can't be ignored…

Lewis Hobba: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)
The comedian and Triple J host shares online bits and pieces that make him laugh, including very specific impressions, chaotic nightclub photos and a quiz about a dragon

Card Shark review – cheat the French aristocracy in this dashing period caper
An entertaining celebration of sleight of hand from the makers of Reigns

What Is Negative Engineering?

LaunchNotes looks to transform how software product teams communicate changes to customers

Metaverse Land: What Makes Digital Real Estate Valuable

Tech Valuations Tumble, but Business Software Stocks Are Cushioned by the Cloud
Enterprise software companies have shown relative resilience in the recent tech rout, and fevered demand for their cloud-computing services explains it, analysts say

3 simple strategies to motivate yourself to get something done
Are you procrastinating tackling a certain task? It probably falls into one of these categories.

5 habits that slowly chip into your productivity levels
Volunteering for projects can get you ahead—but only to a certain point.

Why it’s never too late to pivot your career (and how to do it)
Former corporate exec turned entrepreneur Beth Nydick has three simple but strategic tips for anyone looking to make a career change for the better.

How managers can help working parents cope with end-of-school-year panic
The head of Community at Clockwise notes it’s never about just one person, or even one month. For the best outcomes, everyone’s needs and schedules must be interwoven and synched.  

Why this leader is totally cool with his top players moving on
His unconventional philosophy: Pay them well, educate and mentor them, then let them quit.

How to Make Talent Scouts Work for You

How to Design (and Redesign) the Practices of Company Culture

A Startup’s Guide to Launching College Ambassador Programs

Cannabis Companies Try the Metaverse as a New Marketing Platform
Virtual worlds present an opportunity to educate consumers about brands, but traffic is light

How to get budding TikTok stars to hype your products, without paying influencer prices
Brands like Scrub Daddy are partnering with up-and-coming TikTok stars before they get big—and expensive.

‘If we grow Reddit, we are going to make the world a better place’
The online community’s first chief product officer talks about his plans to scale it up to new heights—while preserving its essential humanity.

Xiaomi-linked companies halt IPOs after Chinese regulator scrutiny
Groups tied to smartphone seller’s ‘ecosystem’ become targets in Beijing’s crackdown on Big Tech

Fast Company editors love taking these products on an urban adventure
Suiting from Mario Carbone, a lightweight camera, and more.

Pandemic disrupted learning for U.S. teens, but not evenly, poll shows
A Pew Research Center study looks at how teens and their parents have handled virtual learning and going back to class

Pulse oximeters are racist, and that likely cost lives during COVID-19
New research finds that pulse oximeters routinely overestimate the oxygen levels in Black, Hispanic, and Asian people at hospitals.

After 9 difficult months, Firefly is set to take its next shot at orbit
The launch company is targeting mid-July for Alpha's next launch.

Amazon to Close Kindle Bookstore in China
Move is latest withdrawal for a U.S. tech giant in China, as market declines for e-readers

Follow along as The Essex Serpent goes from 'sketch to screen'
The show's costumes tell a story as much as the words the show's stars are saying.

18% of offices are vacant. Here’s a brilliant idea for how to use that space
Silver Art Projects runs an artist residency program on the 28th floor of 4 World Trade Center. Developers around the country should take note.

Here’s the real reason why all of the crypto logos look alike
The rise of each new technology creates a need to depict it graphically in a way that promotes recognition and acceptance. And crypto has embraced the hexagon.

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