Monday, June 06, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 6, 2022

Info Diet: Peanut CEO Michelle Kennedy

Pokémon Go passes $6B in lifetime player spending

I had a farm in real life, so why can’t I get my head round these grow-your-own video games?
I need a virtual escape to my bucolic former life in Nova Scotia – but the gaming version doesn’t seem to be helping

Influence, Inc review – a mesmerising dive into the world of public manipulation
Your job is to manage a digital influencing agency with commercial and political clients – and ethical challenges

Silt review – a Lynchian underwater nightmare
The debut puzzler from Spiral Circus delves into the mysteries and fears that lurk in the deep

Go read this report on an AI shopping app that was actually just using humans
Tech startup Nate said it used AI to complete purchases

How decision intelligence can be applied to automate decision-making

For the metaverse to grow, mobile digital identities are necessary

The wild 1980s Pontiac Stinger nailed the future of car design
It was just a concept, and Pontiac is now defunct. But the Pontiac Stinger’s ideas live on 30 years later.

Here’s what’s behind the new labor movement
While union membership maybe at a low, more industries and younger worker are showing a renewed interest in organized labor. We talk about why on the latest episode of The New Way We Work.

What unions could mean for Apple with Zoe Schiffer
Verge labor reporter on the fight to unionize

The arrest heard ’round the crypto world

Lawmaker who wrote New York crypto mining bill explains: ‘It’s not a ban’

Why so many tech whistleblowers are women
Women appear more willing than men to report wrongdoing when they can do so confidentially.

3 ways to harness your self doubt to improve your confidence and creativity
We can learn how to use our sense of doubt to grow, become more confident, and tap into a fountain of creativity that might otherwise be overlooked. 

Why a flexible workplace shouldn’t mean we ignore individual employee experiences
Big changes across the work landscape should not come at the expense of team connection.

Highflying Tiger Global Humbled by Unraveling of Giant Tech Bet
The New York firm was a heavy investor in technology stocks and startups when the market peaked. The downturn has vaporized years of its gains.

Neural networks don’t work like the human brain because they ‘learn’ differently
A neuroscientist explains why it's not so simple to make machines think like us

Gut check: Fossil finds give us a history of life—and what it ate
The remains of the digestive process can tell us a lot about past ecosystems.

‘There is hope’: Prince William in rallying cry for the environment

This startup helps homeowners go solar in the states with the dirtiest electric grids
For a monthly subscription, you can help low-income homeowners get solar panels in the places it matters most.

Minimizing the carbon footprint of data analysis, maximizing sustainability for data centers

Russia seeks to hijack German telescope on its X-ray spacecraft
"Russian specialists insist on continuing its work."

Love, Death and Robots' most beautiful episode was 'a love letter to Moebius'
Director Emily Dean talks about The Very Pulse of the Machine

Wednesday’s first trailer is here to get you through yet another Monday
Wednesday Addams is heading to high school

Strange World’s first trailer shows off a bizarre, beautiful sci-fi universe
An early glimpse at the Disney animated feature

Netflix’s Resident Evil unleashes the demon dog in latest trailer
Umbrella’s back at it again

New One Piece teaser shows off how Netflix’s adaptation will bring Eiichiro Oda’s art to life
Netflix’s One Piece series is now in production

Mike Flanagan’s The Midnight Club is summoning something shady in its first teaser
The Midnight Club comes from Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong

Afrofuturist Sun Ra’s humble Philadelphia home is now a historic landmark
A communal home became the center of musician and artist Sun Ra’s mystical universe.

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