Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 14, 2022

What’s wrong with the word ‘minority’?
We have never had a “majority” population that defines unilaterally what this country is or represents. We are bigger than that.

How fandom built the Internet as we know it, with Kaitlyn Tiffany
Her new book on the long history of fangirls, from the Beatles to One Direction

Peter Lamborn Wilson, Advocate of ‘Poetic Terrorism,’ Dies at 76
His concept of a “temporary autonomous zone” became an inspiration for protests like Occupy Wall Street and for gatherings like Burning Man.

Wagner James Au will tell us Why the Metaverse Matters in a book

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course serves sweet redemption for GamesBeat

LaMDA and the power of illusion: The aliens haven’t landed … yet 

Why 100% indexing isn’t possible, and why that’s OK
While 100% indexing may be possible in terms of 'technical,' it’s likely not going to be possible in reality.

How to access iPhone content when someone passes away
Here are a few ways you can get data off an iPhone belonging to someone who recently passed.

A hacked Kaiser Permanente employee’s emails led to breach of 70,000 patient records

India’s farmers exposed by new Aadhaar data leak

Sold! A working 1976 Apple-1, signed by Woz, just went for $340,100.
That's a lot of money for a very old, and very cool, computer!

Why is Starbucks’ union drive speeding ahead while Amazon’s stumbles?
More than 100 of the coffee shop’s locations have unionized, while just one Amazon warehouse has managed it

Microsoft Agrees to Make It Easier for Activision Employees to Unionize
Software company is seeking regulatory approval for $75 billion acquisition of videogaming company

Crypto layoffs loom as tokens crash: Coinbase, Crypto.com, and others cut staff
Crypto bosses are citing economic conditions and too-fast growth as reasons for cutting staff. The value of coins like Bitcoin has declined in recent days.

Coinbase lays off 18% of workforce as executives prepare for recession and ‘crypto winter’

Big Tech makes concessions on EU’s new anti-disinformation code
Facebook, Twitter and TikTok set to agree to provide country-by-country data on efforts to curb fake news

In Southeast Asia, a booming crypto scene

Why Netflix Is Still ‘Keeping Things a Little Bit Quiet’ on Its Gaming Front

CoachHub rounds third, aims for home plate with $200 million in Sofina and SoftBank-led round
Berlin-based digital coaching platform CoachHub has raised $200 million in a Series C funding round.

5 clever ways that malls are being reinvented across the U.S.
A new book makes the case that, No, malls aren’t dying. They’re just changing with the times.

This office building was designed to last 500 years
And it didn’t break the bank.

An elegant vision for microdosing
As we reimagine our relationship with drugs, we should reimagine the UX of drug use.

‘Delusional’: UN chief slams new fossil fuel funding and warns of climate chaos

Netflix’s Knives Out sequel now has a title, and it’ll be out this holiday season
It’s called Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

For All Mankind blasts into top ten chart for last week amid season 3 debut
It took just three days of season three to push For All Mankind into the top-10.

Watch the trailer for The Verge’s first Netflix show, The Future Of
The Future Of premieres on Netflix on June 21st

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