Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 1, 2022

Even after shootings, experts warn against cellphones in schools
Students in Texas called 911 from their elementary school, but will more phones in classrooms make children safer?

An ally’s guide to Pride
Pride is both a party and a protest. It’s also a necessary reminder that there are critical issues that allies need to act on with their votes, voices, and wallets.

Red Sox broadcaster becomes first regional sports network to offer standalone streaming service for games

Entertainment site Fandom adds long-requested creator features, ‘Interactive Wiki Maps’ and ‘Fandom Trivia’

Why The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's sound design is perfect
The sheer amount of detail in this game is amazing.

How to stop apps from tracking you on iPhone and iPad
App Tracking Transparency lets you decide whether or not apps should be able to track your activity. Here's how to use it.

The Apple and Google app store monopoly could soon be over — here’s why
Third-party stores could set different rules which might be more relaxed and allow developers to keep more of the money from apps they sell

A brain implant that turns your thoughts into text

Twitter shutting down TweetDeck for Mac on July 1, here are alternatives to the web

Twitter Shutting Down TweetDeck for Mac in July, Will Remain Available on Web

Decentralized ID offers a human approach to identity in cyberspace
Decentralized identity can give everyone an identity in cyberspace—a digital concept with deeply human roots.

Cyber Defense Confidence Ebbs as Ransomware Attacks Multiply
Corporate security teams battle burnout as a flurry of attacks continues and regulations increase

What will the metaverse ‘actually’ look like in 5 years? This studio may have cracked it
A design firm behind Magic Leap shares a plausible vision for our augmented future.

How NLP is overcoming the document bottleneck in digital threads

World-renowned collector to auction off one of Apple's most exclusive products
"The proceeds from the sale of this Apple-1 will be used to create more opportunities for the public to see the collection; either in the form of pop-up exhibitions or by the establishment of a permanent venue where it can be more easily appreciated by the public."

TechScape: They used my identity to flog a doomed cryptocurrency – and then things got weird
In this week’s newsletter: When I was sent DMs asking for advice about Tsuka, a new coin I was supposedly involved in, I could never have expected what happened next

Google’s Owner Paid $296,000 to a Typical Worker. Here’s What Other Firms Pay
Nearly 150 companies in the S&P 500 said their median employee earned more than $100,000; 44 reported a salary below $30,000

6 ways to engage your audience when speaking virtually
Speaking dynamically can be a challenge when you’re on a video call. Here’s how to draw your audience in, no matter what you’re talking about.

European VCs urge tech start-ups to slash costs and extend the runway

Startups in Columbus, Ohio are thriving and hiring
Here's who's hiring in Columbus (and the Midwest)

Columbus, Ohio is quickly becoming the Midwest’s tech hub
“If you look at our investor base, we have folks that say ‘you were right, it doesn’t matter where you are.’”

Why Intel chose Columbus, Ohio to build chips
EVP Keyvan Esfarjani discusses why the chip giant chose Ohio’s capital for its $20B manufacturing plans

Buick is rebranding as an electric-only automaker
The automaker released a new concept car as a prelude to its all-electric future

Extreme winds can tear a house apart in seconds. These design tweaks can keep it standing
The Wall of Wind can help engineers design safer homes—but even that isn’t powerful enough to compete with climate change.

NASA still “pushing” for a Russian cosmonaut to fly on next SpaceX mission
"I think it's the right thing to do."

Netflix's Stranger Things propels Kate Bush to iTunes No. 1 after almost 40 years
Many Stranger Things fans weren't born when Kate Bush first released this repeat hit.

BTS radio smashes Apple Music record for biggest show
"BTS Army, You did it!"

Apple Music has betrayed its most loyal listeners
The ad-free, all-music service now has ads in radio stations and interviews in playlists.

More Star Wars: Visions and a new Tales of the Jedi prequel anthology are on the way
Star Wars Celebration 2022 has come to an end

Watch as the For All Mankind cast recaps season 2 ahead of season 3 premiere
Time to get ready as we count down to season three's arrival on June 10.

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