Thursday, June 09, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 9, 2022

Feds seize SSNDOB marketplace that listed personal data of 24 million people
SSNDOB websites taken down by seizure orders, but no arrests have been made.

Best podcasts of the week: Who really profits from porn?
In this week’s newsletter: Two reporters get to the heart of the adult industry in Hot Money: Who Rules Porn? Plus: five of the best food podcasts

The Quarry review – engrossing buffet of horror staples
The makers of Until Dawn return with a cinematic and satisfyingly tropey teen horror that’s tense, fun and simple to play

Israeli Tech Firm Rolls Out Tracking Devices the Size of Postage Stamps
Wiliot’s tiny tags are aimed at tracking smaller crates instead of truck trailers and shipping containers. Its first big customer, supermarket chain Shufersal, will use the tags to follow produce from farms to stores

How AI is shaping the future of work

Ecosia gets a new look as it gears up for an era of green search

The ugly economics behind Apple’s new Pay Later system
Apple’s foray into the buy now, pay later scheme poses some serious questions about consumer safety

The early signs of startup layoffs to come

How to get the best employee stock options when negotiating your contract
Everything you need to know

This creative exercise turns disorganized thoughts into gold
This method can help you untangle your to-do list from your big, passionate ideas.

You can’t ‘future-proof’ your career. Here’s what to do instead
Futurist Elatia Abate says the more we can employ curiosity to learn what is changing, how it is changing, and what it means, the better we and our careers will be prepared to thrive.

3 questions leaders should ask any time they’re making changes
It’s widely reported that 70% of all change initiatives fail. Lindsey Caplan and Josh Levine offer a framework for making change stick.

Research reveals why so many big tech whistleblowers are women
Chalk it up to exclusion in organizations, and gender socialization

Big Tech Has Spent $36 Million on Ads to Torpedo Antitrust Bill
Legislation would block Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple from favoring own products; backers of the bill have spent less than $200,000

Jewelry giant settles gender-discrimination lawsuit for $175 million
The case, in which 68,000 women alleged unfair pay and promotion practices, had become a hallmark of #MeToo activism

Selling the future: How marketplaces will continue to drive new experiences

Old Navy’s plus-size experiment failed. It didn’t have to
A number of startups have shown that brands can be both size-inclusive and profitable.

Netflix buying Roku would make a lot of sense
With Netflix getting into advertising, it’s more aligned with Roku than ever.

Spotify hypes the revenue potential of podcasts and audiobooks at its second Investor Day event

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer lays out a 20-year vision for games

Exclusive: Mattel makes its play for the metaverse—and the metaverse plays back
The famed toymaker will turn its iconic characters into playable avatars in Cryptoys’ NFT gaming world.

Brown Foods ushers in new age of dairy, raises a ‘latte’ money for cowless cow’s milk

This game designer predicted COVID 10 years ago. Here’s what’s coming next
According to Jane McGonigal, the pandemic wasn’t unimaginable. “We just didn’t have a critical mass of people imagining it.”

These stress-relief strategies could be doing more harm than good
The problem with many “tried and true” stress-relief strategies is that they often don’t help, and they can do more harm than good, says author Arin N. Reeves.

New research points to bad math behind corporate renewable energy claims
Lots of companies with climate pledges are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than they say they are

Tree planting programs can actually do more harm than good
Companies and organizations often introduce new tree plantations to incompatible biomes, where they don’t thrive and can destroy existing ecosystems.

Goodbye gasoline cars? EU lawmakers vote to ban new sales from 2035

Watch these satisfying videos of the ocean getting a much-needed cleanup
It's time to clean up our mess

NASA joins the hunt for UFOs
The scientific study follows separate efforts by the Pentagon and intelligence agencies

Forget IRL concerts. Here’s how ABBA’s new arena was designed for digital avatars
The ‘ABBAtars’ may have stolen the show, but the illusion wouldn’t be complete without the dazzling infrastructure that supports them.

Watch the first trailer for the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime
Coming to Netflix in September

Entergalactic’s first trailer shows off a trippy musical ride
A cross between Arcane and Spider-Verse

The freelance artist behind a million-dollar NFT collection
Antoine Mingo created the art behind Pudgy Penguins — but he hasn’t shared in all of its success

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