Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Daily Headlines for June 15, 2022

The link between sex and imagination

Hollywood’s portrayal of domestic workers is a barrier to their real-life humanization
Advocates for domestic workers believe that shifting the cultural narrative around nannies, caregivers and housecleaners could help influence policy change.

How One Direction fangirls made the internet a better place
In her new book, reporter Kaitlyn Tiffany explores why we should thank Harry Styles-obsessed fandoms for shaping our social interactions online.

Brett Blake: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)
The comedian shares his favourite online laughs, including an Instagram account dedicated to terrible real estate agents and a rooster attacking a weatherman

Why I fell out of love with Twitter

‘TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge’ is a kung fu barrage of arcade perfection

Review: TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is a must-play arcade throwback
A stylish balance of arcade accessibility and combo-crazy depth.

Why Rural Americans Keep Waiting for Fast Internet, Despite Billions Spent
Flaws in government programs have left some residents behind

Bill Gates says crypto and NFTs are ’100% based on greater fool theory’

TechScape: why you shouldn’t worry about sentient AI … yet
A researcher says Google has created an AI being with smarts and soul, but my own attempt reveals the truth behind those claims. Plus, the latest crypto crash

The 3 things an AI must demonstrate to be considered sentient
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

The company behind PUBG shows off its ‘hyper-realistic’ virtual human
Her name is Ana

Tech Giants Start Getting Real on Augmented Reality
Companies rethink AR hardware—HoloLens anyone?—as software, games suggest more direct path to profits

10 years after its demise, a requiem for the Microsoft Zune, the little gadget that couldn’t
Although it was the subject of much ridicule at the time, the Zune’s ungainliness is sort of charming from our present perch of digital oversaturation.

How Microsoft’s union agreement could shape the rest of the tech industry
Some pro-labor tech workers caution against overstating the agreement’s impact.

We’re entering an era of, um, creative accounting in startups
Down rounds, recaps, extensions...what’s the truth?

Why even your best employees are burned out—and what to do
In a new podcast, Angela Duckworth, author of the 2016 bestseller Grit, explains why, two years into the pandemic, even the grittiest people are quitting, stepping down, or scaling back.

The future of the office is an open question, but this company is testing 3 designs to figure it out
Prototypes are being used to evaluate how the office can and should change.

How paid marketers are fighting back against the Fake Web
Bots and fake users steal ad clicks, pollute audience targeting, and skew metrics. Paid marketers are learning to protect themselves.

Metaverse Spending to Total $5 Trillion in 2030, McKinsey Predicts
Seventy-nine percent of survey respondents said they have already made a purchase in the metaverse

Inside the dissolution of Apple’s elite design team
Apple’s design team is legendary. But following the death of Steve Jobs, dysfunction ran rampant, as Tripp Mickle writes in the new book ‘After Steve.’

US defence contractor in talks to take over NSO Group’s hacking technology
Deal – which would require approval from US and Israel – would give L3Harris control over controversial Pegasus tool

AI-powered parking platform Metropolis bags $167M

Meta’s Silicon Valley home, Menlo Park, plans to electrify 95% of its buildings

U.S. safety agency says Tesla accounts for most driver-assist crashes, but warns data lacks context

Tesla Tops List of Crashes Thought to Involve Driver-Assistance Technology
In first-ever survey, U.S. agency cautions against drawing conclusions about any firm’s car-safety features given data limitations

YouTube Music's new Spring Recap explores the seasons favorite songs
More seasonal recaps are coming in the future, too.

For All Mankind: Learn the mind-bending science behind the Apple TV+ show
Artificial gravity isn't really a thing right now, but it could be one day.

The Umbrella Academy's excellent third season is an apocalyptic transition of power
The Umbrella Academy’s third season is its best yet

Herman Miller’s cheapest task chair exudes the cozy charm of a knit sweater
Mixing mid-century modern design with elements from performance chairs, the Zeph is Herman Miller’s cheapest ergonomic office chair in history.

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