Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Water Cooler: Afternoon Headlines for June 22, 2022

Why celebrated designer Bruce Mau is betting on a new kind of Renaissance
Science, art, and technology converged in the first Renaissance. A new book argues that today’s complex problems can be solved by ‘Renaissance teams.’

Canada to Compel YouTube, TikTok and Streamers to Boost Domestic Content
Government says measures needed to foster growth in domestic cultural sector and make Canadian content more accessible

A brief history of (unintentionally) unbeatable games
KOTOR II on Switch isn't the first game that players literally couldn't finish.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is launching this year

Report: 66% of orgs have 5 or more departments using automation

How Russia’s vaunted cyber capabilities were frustrated in Ukraine

That agent who sounds like they’re from Paris, Texas? Try Paris, France
A startup called Sanas has built voice AI to change accents, now it's raised $32M from Google and others

What Gartner’s top cybersecurity predictions for 2022-23 reveal

Ex-Tesla worker who suffered racist abuse rejects $15M award, seeks new trial
Owen Diaz rejects lowered damages, says it's not enough to punish and deter Tesla.

Activision Blizzard shareholders reject board seat for employees

Millennials and Gen Z want more financial advice from employers. Boomers? Not so much
A new study outlines the different financial habits of each generation

Forget the remote vs in-office debate, we need a personalized approach
We're tired of this already

Activision Blizzard shareholders approve proposal for report on abuse and harassment

How forced arbitration in the workplace became the norm
Mandatory arbitration has grown increasingly popular in employment agreements over the last three decades, as a tool to help shield companies from litigation.

CEO and COO of Pornhub parent company MindGeek abruptly resign

Pornhub owner’s CEO and COO resign
MindGeek CEO Feras Antoon and COO David Tassillo have stepped down

Shopify makes B2B push in attempt to regain momentum
Canadian ecommerce company tries to jump-start growth as pandemic bump fades and threat from Amazon rises

Don’t miss these panels at Vidcon 2022
After a hiatus in 2020 and 2021, Vidcon is back—here are the must-see sessions and panels at the biggest digital creator and fan event of the year.

Geoff Keighley isn’t worried about E3 making a comeback
The unrelenting video game hypeman isn’t sure what E3 is anymore

California lawmakers want to make brands use less single-use plastic
Instead of focusing solely on ramping up recycling, the Plastic Pollution Producer Responsibility Act would require companies to cut the amount of plastic in their packaging—and nudge them toward reusable alternatives.

Streamers worry the end is coming for lax password-sharing rules
A crackdown on passwords hits a nerve for long-time streamers, and muddles the future of fragmented TV

Obi-Wan Jenobi is entirely predictable—but that doesn't make it any less fun
You may know where the story is headed, but the journey is still worth it

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