Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Water Cooler: Afternoon Headlines for June 23, 2022

The Guardian view on digital exclusion: online must not be the only option
The interests of a significant minority are being neglected as everyday tasks are conducted via smartphones and tablets

Can media companies weather a recession? Executives say they’re in stronger shape this time

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee: Screw Web3 — my decentralized internet doesn’t need blockchain
The cyberspace pioneer is skeptical about a blockchain-based internet

Computer chips powered by human brain cells already exist — but is it ethical?
How do we feel about using organic computers for cognitive labor?

Russia Increased Cyber Espionage Against Countries Supporting Ukraine, Microsoft Says
The U.S. has been targeted by Russian intelligence agencies more than any other Ukrainian ally

Businesses risk ‘catastrophic financial loss’ from cyberattacks, US watchdog warns
Private insurance companies increasingly limit coverage against major cyber threats, per a report from the GAO

How instant messaging platforms became a venue for phishing attacks

DALL·E mini has a mysterious obsession with women in saris
The images represent a glitch in the system that even its creator can't explain.

Labor strikes have doubled in the past year. Is high inflation part of the reason?
Inflation is causing workers to see their purchasing power erode, and unionized workers tend to earn more than their nonunionized counterparts.

How brands like Chobani are creating new jobs for refugees
In an initiative called Unstuck, brands including Chobani are making products sourced from suppliers who have also agreed to hire refugees.

The ultimate guide to succeeding in the new workplace
The pandemic has changed the workplace forever. Here’s how you can thrive in the next normal.

What the future of hybrid work will (and won’t) look like, according to 27 business leaders
While the balance between remote and in-office work has become a huge factor in employee retention, companies are still looking for ways to get face-to-face time.

7 successful product development strategies team leads can steal from big tech companies
It's all about finding the right strategy for your team

These deaf and disabled creators are saying no to ‘inspiration porn’
C Talent is elevating overlooked entertainers to new heights, and educating brands and companies on working with deaf and disabled talent.

Top 4 data challenges among agency clients
Be mindful of these potential pitfalls in a marketing landscape where data reigns king.

Create campaign impact by reaching the Workday Consumer
Learn how to attract, convert and retain this new consumer.

Mark Zuckerberg envisions a billion people in the metaverse spending hundreds of dollars each

Facebook Parent Meta Pulls Out of Sponsorship Deal for U.S. 250th Anniversary Project
Tech company cancels remainder of $10 million agreement with organizers of the 2026 national commemoration

August Health digitizes senior living communities for better care

Why the OnlyFans leaders are moving into Web3 avatars with NFT startup Zoop

Rec Room hits 75M lifetime users and $1M in creator payouts for Q1

Is remote work here to stay? An inside look at how this shift could dramatically change cities
Researchers created a model to forecast pandemic-driven changes in Los Angeles. The results were expansive.

This city is the world’s most livable in 2022
Cities in Europe and Canada dominated the Economist Intelligence Unit’s top 10 list this year.

How psychology can help you change someone’s mind
Changing your mind (or someone else’s) is a complex process. But understanding how your brain works can help.

How to design homes for life well beyond 100
The senior housing industry is starting to plan—and build—for a much older future.

There’s a carbon-capture gold rush. Some warn better solutions exist.
To stem climate change, billionaires, politicians and philanthropists say sucking carbon out of the air and storing it underground could work. Critics fiercely disagree.

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