Friday, June 24, 2022

The Water Cooler: Afternoon Headlines for June 24, 2022

China bans over 30 live-streaming behaviours, demands qualifications to discuss law, finance, medicine

It’s TikTok’s world. Can TV live in it?
Facebook knows it has a TikTok problem. TV and streamers do, too.

The subtle stagecraft behind the Jan. 6 hearings
The panel probing the Capitol attack is trying to turn its investigative grind into must-see television

Why The Grocery Chain Albertsons In-Housed Its Retail Media Network And What It Plans To Do Next

Cyberpunk 2077 is getting a board game
Gangs of Night City can currently be backed on Kickstarter

Legendary designer Yu Suzuki returns with a wild arcade shooter
Air Twister is out now on Apple Arcade

Into the mystic
From Stonehenge to Silicon Valley: how technology nurtured New Age ideas in a world supposedly stripped of its magic

Searching for the dankest iPod knockoffs of the mid-2000s
DankPods has turned finding old MP3 players into a hit YouTube show

Microsoft will start banning players from all private Minecraft servers
New moderation tools will let players be permanently "banned from online play."

Where are all the crypto use cases?

How to negotiate your salary to help with inflation
With skyrocketing inflation rates, it’s probably time to ask for a raise.

Digital Advertising Companies Look to Reduce the Industry’s Carbon Footprint
Digital ads require a lot of computing power, but the exact amount of electricity they consume is hard to pin down

Yelp shuts some offices doubling down on remote; CEO calls hybrid “hell”
CEO Jeremy Stoppelman calls hybrid offices “the worst of both worlds" as he doubles down on remote work

Netflix Begins Second Round of Layoffs, 300 Positions Cut

How Facebook became working-class Mexico’s favorite food delivery app
The platform has emerged as a hack around Uber Eats and Rappi's high fees.

The New Age of Marianne Williamson (May 2014)
Can the best-selling self-help guru persuade Angelenos to send her to Washington?

A Perfect Ham Sandwich at Thirty Thousand Feet
One of the best things you can eat in L.A. is on the flight home.

This weird-looking motorcycle can ride on roads AND rail tracks
Maintenance workers don't have to walk long distances to inspect railway tracks

The Crystal Set : Followers of the New Age Movement Find Room to Grow in Orange County (January 1989)

The new age of astrology (January 2018)
In a stressful, data-driven era, many young people find comfort and insight in the zodiac—even if they don’t exactly believe in it.

Pig heart transplant failure: Doctors detail everything that went wrong
We're currently unsure why the cells of the heart ended up dead.

The Queen of the New Age (May 2008)

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