Thursday, May 19, 2022

Quotes of Note: "The Andre Norton Megapack" by Andre Norton

Quotes of note from The Andre Norton Megapack by Andre Norton:

(I'm reading this collection of short stories on my Kindle, so page numbers are suspect.)

"Much could be forgiven a man who allowed one to eat regularly again." (1 percent)

"While we can pass, let us." (2 percent)

"Men forget knowledge in time." (3 percent)

"Different worlds, different customs... ." (4 percent)

"[O]ne adjusted to the customs of aliens or one didn’t trade... ." (4 percent)

"[O]fttimes contact with an alien race did require long and patient handling." (5 percent)

"[B]etween study and experiencing the situation himself there was a gulf... ." (5 percent)

"There were no short cuts which endangered others... ." (5 percent)

"We all off-fire our tubes at times... ." (5 percent)

"[T]he wisest part of valor was not to sample alien strong drinks, [but] ceremony often required that they break bread (or its other world equivalent) on strange planets." (6 percent)

"[I]t was always better to nibble and live, than to gorge and die." (6 percent)

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