Friday, May 20, 2022

Quotes of Note: "Comfort Me with Apples" by Catherynne M. Valente

Quotes of note from Comfort Me with Apples by Catherynne M. Valente:

(I read this on my iPad via Kindle, so page numbers are suspect. Thank you, public library!)

"Silver hair ... is the medal won by wisdom." (19 percent)

"A surprise, even a little one, means a change in the world... ." (22 percent)

"When he thuds, the world listens and gets out of his way. That is her whole understanding of men." (26 percent)

"There is nothing better in the afternoon than a meal and a bit of music." (27 percent)

"It is always a blessing and a relief to be spoken for." (28 percent)

"I am happy... . How could I be otherwise? I am fed, I am housed, I am busy, I am loved." (29 percent)

"It is such a wonderful thing in this world, to have friends." (31 percent)

"Holidays are therefore superfluous." (31 percent)

"Suffering of any kind is and shall be considered contraband." (31 percent)

"A freelancer knows not the meaning of the words day shift or night shift!" (32 percent)

"Honest work banishes bad memories with such efficiency!" (33 percent)

"[S]he is not lying. Not yet." (42 percent)

"Be a good neighbor and you will have good neighbors!" (47 percent)

"You are the life, but I am the party." (72 percent)

"[I]t feels so good to be held, it feels so good to be spoken to like she is capable and wise, to hear her life gain weight, fed by [another]. Fed by being seen." (72 percent)

"Solidarity is a hell of a thing." (75 percent)

"You are beautiful and convincing too... ." (77 percent)

"The truth hurts so much better." (79 percent)

"[N]o one should have to live without the things they love." (81 percent)

"If I do not deserve happiness, who does?" (84 percent)

"Your Father is my Father too. He made me too." (85 percent)

"This is the beginning of the universe and I make the rules." (89 percent)

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