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Quotes of Note: Lloyd Biggle, Jr., "The Light That Never Was" I

Quotes of note from The Light That Never Was by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.:

(Page numbers gleaned from the 1973 DAW mass-market paperback.)

"[T]here would be little good art without the striving of a great many artists to become great... ." (pp. 6-7)

"The galaxy doesn't produce a dozen really great artists in a generation." (p. 9)

"Ex-artists must eat." (p. 12)

"[B]eauty, shared, doesn't diminish or depreciate." (p. 17)

"[M]ost social phenomena have patterns... ." (p. 20)

"Is hatred a social phenomenon?" (p. 20)

"At our ages ... any kind of emotion is a luxury." (p. 20)

"We design [computers] exclusively for the digital or vocal capabilities of humans, and then we call the animaloids inferior because they're physically incapable of using them." (p. 20)

"[W]hat we unjustly consider inferior, we hate." (p. 20)

"Why can't those who aren't vicious receive justice?" (p. 20)

"We humans have developed so many divergent types of our own ... that we should have been more tolerant of other species." (p. 20)

"Most artists were wanderers... ." (p. 22)

"Just because we're artists doesn't mean we like art... ." (p. 24)

"Beauty in the eye of the beholder, ugliness likewise." (p. 26)

"Music has an unfortunate tendency to cover up conversation." (p. 30)

"[P]eople who relax tend to become careless... ." (p. 31)

"[M]ost of the confidential talk takes place along walls or in corners." (p. 31)

"Why is it that if I stay at home and fritter away my time I'm considered respectable if not actually meritorious, and if I try to learn something that will enrich my outlook on life I'm a wanton?" (p. 33)

"[T]he most pathetic figure in modern society is the person who neglects his talents while trying to exercise talents he does not have." (p. 34)

"The saddest words of tongue or pen[:] ... It used to be or it might have been." (p. 34)

"[I]n times of trouble people tend to stay home and look after their own interests... ." (p. 35)

"[M]adness finds its own object... ." (p. 35)

"He could not reach decisions without information, ideas, opinions... ." (p. 40)

"One [name] is all an honest man needs... ." (p. 41)

"I've learned to speak for no man's compassion except my own... ." (p. 42)

"Refugees rarely return to their original homes, even if they're permitted to do so." (p. 43)

"An elaborate spy organization is amusing to watch, not to mention educational." (p. 45)

"The young really can't appreciate man's capacity for hatred." (p. 45)

"[H]atred is as susceptible to manipulation as any other emotion." (p. 45)

"The occasional visitor is an object of curiosity rather than animosity." (p. 45)

"[F]ear can lead to hatred for no reason at all." (p. 45)

"Are artists more tolerant than other humans?" (p. 45)

"When art falls short of perfection, ... the artist either should have stopped sooner or continued until he accomplished whatever it was he was trying to do. A great painting is finished. Nothing that doesn't belong, nothing left out. It simply is." (p. 46)

"A tourist's costume excuses anything." (p. 47)

"A successful tourist trade was not without its price... ." (p. 49)

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