Thursday, May 05, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 5, 2022

50 years on, the lessons of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study still reverberate
For 40 years, researchers deceived test subjects about the true purpose of the study.

Digital-Ad Giants Google, Facebook, Amazon Come Down From Pandemic Highs
An ad-revenue slowdown comes as consumer behaviors resume pre-Covid patterns

Discs vs. data: Are we helping the environment by streaming?
The number of caveats has only grown since the last few studies were done.

Social media is a toxic cesspool. This new app takes a different approach
Sick of Twitter beating you down? Somewhere Good wants to build you back up.

Best podcasts of the week: How a Mormon settlement descended into a haven for cults, cartels and killings
In this week’s newsletter: Colonia LeBaron was meant to be a Mormon utopia – then a family fallout saw organised crime reign. Find out more in Deliver Us From Ervil. Plus: five must-listen music podcasts

Russian forces usurp Ukrainian internet infrastructure in Donbas
Rerouting traffic to Russia-controlled regions makes Ukrainians’ data vulnerable to interception and censorship by the Kremlin

Watch a swarm of drones autonomously track a human through a dense forest
I hear the swarm a comin’, it’s buzzing round the bend

The jobless Americans chasing the dream of ‘passive income’
Workers say they’re replacing career ambitions with low-stakes side hustles. But are many of the schemes too good to be true?

Buy now, pay later services are retailers’ next great hope
‘BNPL’ started as a credit card killer, but what if it’s really an end run around the Facebook ad-industrial complex?

Most Salvadorans have already ditched their national bitcoin wallets
Those who stayed are not on the Chivo app for what was intended, using it to keep their dollars safe rather than for crypto.

This is the right way to used LinkedIn to get noticed by recruiters
Consider using a few of these hidden tools on the platform when conducting your job search.

‘There’s nothing scarier than having a severe mental illness at work’: How to talk to colleagues about mental health
Jimmy Horowitz, a senior executive at NBCUniversal, describes what it’s like to disclose a mental illness at work. 

Recruiting for diversity doesn’t work. Try these more inclusive strategies instead
The CEO of Siteimprove says just one of these tactics can widen the aperture on the talent pool by up to 64%.

TikTok is eating Netflix’s lunch — and that’s great for startups
An argument for approaching TikTok as streaming, not social

Ford is totally trolling Elon Musk with this new celebration of its factory workers
“Ford For The Builders” takes a blatant swipe at the Tesla CEO’s public image, and his company’s troubles with workers’ rights.

You can change your attitude and your outcome. Here are 3 ways to adjust
Herbert Lui observes how some of the most successful people have been able to do this to create an advantage for themselves and the people around them.

Lilly Singh wants us all to be triangles. Let her explain
The YouTube star and former late-night host has a new perspective on her life and career that’s taken a new shape.

The middle-mile delivery challenge isn’t sexy, but autonomous trucks can fix it
How Gatik got their driverless trucks into local communities

This new tool shows you the local mosquito forecast
Use it before planning that summer barbecue.

This is what the Salisbury Plain looked like before Stonehenge
The monument's builders didn't have to clear dense forests after all.

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