Sunday, May 01, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 1, 2022

He Planned a Treasure Hunt for the Ages — Until He Went Missing
Hunter Lewis was an adventure-lover who spent two years devising an elaborate outdoor quest for his friends and family, only to see it end in tragedy

At the gentle, joyful ‘Golden Girls’ convention, everyone’s a pal and a confidant

I grew up Black near the Klan’s ‘Mount Rushmore.’ In gaslit America, we all live there now

When Rights Went Right
Is the American conception of constitutional rights too absolute?

The Forgotten Crime of War Itself
In his new book, Samuel Moyn argues that efforts to humanize war with smarter weaponry or sanctify it with moral cant have obscured the task of making peace the first goal of foreign policy.

U.S. Veterans Start a ‘Resistance Academy’ in Ukraine. Will It Backfire?
American combat troops have come out of retirement to train Ukrainians in the fight against Putin’s forces. And nobody knows what will happen next

'Cuomo-W. Trump-L.': How CNN's Jeff Zucker and His Cronies Manipulated the News
Texts, email exchanges, and 36 sources tell the true story behind the downfall of TV's ultimate operator

How to Become a MAGA Rap Kingpin (Without Believing What You're Saying)
Former wrestler Tom MacDonald built his fanbase rapping familiar right-wing talking points. But what does he really believe?

Should Today’s Artist Managers Get More Than 20%?
Guiding an act's career now involves so many disciplines that some managers say it's time their relationships with artists reflect those additional duties.

Disney parks boss on diversity, preventing division and Disneyland’s Electrical Parade return

The Disneyland experiments that influenced Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Who’s to Blame?
Three new books argue that disappearing jobs and widening inequality helped make possible Trump’s politics of resentment.

Was Emancipation Constitutional?
In The Broken Constitution, Noah Feldman argues that the Confederate states had a constitutional right to secede and that Lincoln violated the Constitution in forcing them back into the Union and freeing the slaves.

The Climate Fight Isn’t Lost. Here Are 10 Ways to Win
The clock is running on the climate crisis, but we have the tools and knowledge — and the crickets — that we need

For Wolves, the Culture War Is Extremely Deadly
In Montana, a radical Republican governor changed the rules of the annual hunt, endangering a great rewilding success story

The Real Yacht Rock: Inside the Lavish, Top-Secret World of Private Gigs
One-percenters worldwide are hiring everyone from Beyoncé to Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath to play their homes, parties, or weddings. Experts say the trend is just getting started

From ‘Spider-Man’ to ‘Doctor Strange’: How Sam Raimi Conquered the Superhero Multiverse (Again)
In his only extended interview for ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,’ Sam Raimi goes deep on his superheroic comeback — and looks back on his whole singular career

After streaming’s worst week, Hollywood bows at the altar of cinema

‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ explained: Hot dog hands, empathy challenges and meaning in the absurd

Sleeper hit ‘Our Flag Means Death’ left us hanging. Season 2 would ‘reorient’ things

Agents once called Josh Brolin’s career choices ‘dumb.’ Standing his ground paid off

Showtime’s ‘Man Who Fell to Earth’ sequel won’t blow your mind, but it’s solid sci-fi

The Imaginative Imperative
Jed Perl’s Authority and Freedom is a defense of the autonomy of the arts against the stranglehold of relevance.

Never the Same Step Twice
Where the previous generation of dancers arranged their steps into tidy, regular phrases, John Bubbles enjambed over the bar lines, multiplying, twisting, tilting, turning.

The Hum of Humanity
The autobiographical turn in Stanley Cavell’s later work illuminates his extraordinarily varied philosophical interests.

Being Dickens
Robert Douglas-Fairhurst’s The Turning Point minutely conveys the texture of Charles Dickens’s daily life over the course of a year when he was at the peak of his powers.

The Act of Persuasion
The drama of Elizabeth Hardwick’s life emanated from an elemental restlessness and a desire for sovereignty over her intellect and emotion.

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