Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 11, 2022

200 years after the Victorians ruined maternity wear, Rihanna is taking it back
In the 19th century, pregnancy was seen as something to be hidden, and maternity wear reflected that. Rihanna is doing exactly the opposite.

Federal judge says Twitter is not a website during Texas tech law appeal
"Your clients are internet providers," Judge Edith Jones told the lawyer for the plaintiffs, NetChoice and the Computer and Communications Industry Association. "They are not websites."

Trek to Yomi review – a tropey but reverent tribute to Japanese cinema
This grainy, gore-soaked katana caper slowly morphs into a compelling meditation on vengeance

This is what may happen when we merge the human brain and computers
Will it change us?

UiPath CEO Daniel Dines thinks automation can fight the great resignation
Uber, Facebook, and Spotify already use UiPath software

These are the 2 key times to demonstrate your leadership potential in meetings
The founder of On Point Speaking notes that humans like to be told what to expect and what to do. Parameters and rules allow you to be the leader who takes the time to set them.

The secret of my success as an entrepreneur: I’m 60
Experience, judgment, and battle-tested expertise are underrated assets in the startup world. And the more you’ve got, the better. 

We asked tech execs (and other smart folks) what advice they’d give to their younger selves
It's the next best thing to time travel

3 disabled workers share how ‘returning to normal’ makes work inaccessible
One in four Americans has a disability. So employers risk losing out if they don’t consider how a return to office affects disabled workers.

People are quitting jobs they just started. Here’s what managers can do
Over half of employees who joined new companies in the past six months are eyeing the exits, according to new data from Lattice.

Tech layoffs don’t happen to companies, they happen to people
Founders couldn’t have prepped for a pandemic, but should’ve prepped for a pull back

The case for a 4-day work week

How to grow your D2C business — 4 tips from a successful founder
D2C market growth is on the rise... here's how to take part

Chicken Soup To Acquire DVD Kiosk Merchant Redbox In $375 million Deal For Sagging SPAC

What the Great Resignation means for new grads
Here’s what the class of 2022 should know as they look for their first post-college gigs.

These school buses double as mobile preschools in remote areas
Just years after the program started in 2017, preschool enrollment in Uzbekistan has jumped from 27% to 67%.

What Doctor Strange 2's multitude of cameos could mean for the MCU's future
First comes the multiverse, then come the incursions

The year’s most exciting immersive art experience has just opened. But no one will see it
Yes, visual art can exist without explicitly being seen. Just check out ‘Dreamachine,’ a trippy new immersive installation in London.

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