Friday, May 27, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 27, 2022

The future of US reproductive rights after Roe v. Wade

Why bittersweet emotions underscore life's beauty

"We cannot sanitize these killings": News media considers breaking grimly routine coverage of mass shootings
As journalists descend on Uvalde—as they did on Columbine, Newtown, and Parkland—some are questioning whether a more graphic approach is required to capture the reality of America’s gun violence epidemic. “It’s time,” suggests one industry leader, “to show what a slaughtered 7-year-old looks like.”

Nadine Dorries launches BBC mid-term charter review to examine broadcaster’s ‘impartiality’

Plan to deliver a digital-first BBC
The plan focuses on creating a modern, digital-led and streamlined organisation that drives the most value from the licence fee and delivers more for audiences

Could smart guns save lives?
In the wake of the Uvalde, Tex., school shooting, entrepreneurs say the time is finally right to add identifier technology to guns

An in-depth look at the race to charge your phone in mere minutes
The science, history, and, politics of fast charging

The DeanBeat: What would Orwell think of big tech vs gaming?

Watch with envy as this hoverboard soars over Paris
Can a hovercraft achieve it’s aviation dreams?

From Argentina to Nigeria, people saw Terra as more stable than local currency. They lost everything
"I have nothing left, not even a penny."

NJ talent firm exposed thousands of resumes, detailing immigration statuses and security clearances

Too many people are working while sick. The Great Resignation could help change that
‘Sickness culture’ is a huge problem—for employees, and for businesses’ bottom line.

Only 15% of VC general partners in Europe are women
A new report from European Women in VC reveals that female GPs also have less carry than their male peers

MacBook factory workers 'beginning to revolt' over lockdowns in China
"Over the past weekend, media reports went viral of a large group storming a dormitory housing Quanta's Taiwanese managers after a dispute over the prolonged lockdown and pay -- triggering an hours-long standoff confirmed by several workers within the compound."

What really killed Honest Tea—and what it means for mission-driven brands
The demise of Honest Tea shows how even a successful mission-based brand can fall apart.

After experiencing wage theft, L.A. car washers started their own worker-owned business
The co-op, incubated by the Clean Car Wash Worker Center, wants to reshape the car wash industry in Los Angeles.

Chattanooga Finds Fresh Identity as a Tech, VC Hub
The little city on the Tennessee River has had citywide superfast internet for over a decade, and a high quality of life. In the age of remote working, those are paying off big time, says Mayor Tim Kelly.

Inside Rotterdam’s quest to green 10 million square feet of rooftops
The Rooftop Days festival is part of a campaign to use more of Rotterdam’s flat roofs to add greenery, harvest solar power, and collect rainwater.

Barnes & Noble wants to save you from reading on an iPad with its new e-reader
If you want an e-reader and don't want a Kindle, there's a new option in town.

This intricate COVID-19 memorial was designed to go up in flames
Designed by an artist known for his work at Burning Man, this memorial aims to provide a cathartic release for those mourning the millions who have died.

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