Monday, May 16, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 16, 2022

13 people were shot and 10 died when an attacker went on a rampage at a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood.

What do military strategists and landscape designers have in common? More than you might think.

In the increasingly lifelike worlds of VR, users are experiencing hate speech and sexual harassment. How should these lawless spaces be governed?

A number of websites include keyloggers that covertly snag your keyboard inputs.

As big platforms field criticism for mental health and safety problems, teens are opting for simpler social media. But parents should still be on guard.

Forget your water-cooled PC — this one runs on pond scum

Thank god, the super rich can soon travel by AirYacht

Apple is no longer the most valuable company, Meta took a $230bn hit, Amazon reported its first loss since 2015, but a slump ‘is a big question mark’

The rules of the game are changing for venture-backed startups.

Federal judge finds U.S. sanctions laws apply to $10 million in Bitcoin sent by American citizen to a country blacklisted by Washington

'I have a bad feeling about this' are actually words to live by

Companies requiring in-person work are facing pushback. Those with looser policies find that flexibility makes recruitment easier. ‘I will find somewhere else to work.’

Tech giants signal a changing approach to adding workers after years of rapid growth

A strict set of rules is not an ideal launching point for a cohesive relationship.

Most managers have no clue what their employees really think of them. So how do you find out if you are accidentally being a bad boss? And how can you improve? We find out on this week’s episode of ‘The New Way We Work.’

Investors are not yet won over by the metaverse, but if Zuckerberg succeeds in selling his dream it could revive the company

Some House and Senate candidates in states from Arizona to Wisconsin have begun selling NFTs; ‘It was a bit of an experiment’

Insurance is one of the major barriers to abortion care in the U.S. That’s intentional
Abortion advocates say insurance is being used as a tool to block abortion access for millions of Americans, and they’re calling on companies and states to do more.

Medication abortion is a critical healthcare tool, but providers already face challenges with increasing restrictions, and patients have to contend with high cost and logistical hurdles.

Planning a trip to the Andromeda Galaxy? Not so fast.

After scouring the internet for free content sites, I found that all roads lead to one spot. Bring your library card.

The new series will be even more ‘cinematic in scope’

The third season will premiere on June 10, four days after WWDC kicks off.

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