Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Daily Headlines for May 4, 2022

How limiting access to abortion could harm the economy and women’s well-being
The right to control their reproductive health has become increasingly illusory for many women, particularly the poor.

Here are the latest reactions to the Supreme Court’s leaked Roe v. Wade opinion
Everyone from President Biden to various lawmakers and the court itself has reacted to the news.

What happens if Ukraine’s historic buildings are destroyed
Ukraine’s UNESCO sites date back to the 11th century. If they’re destroyed, they can be rebuilt but never replaced.

Oakland Home Histories: Living in a long lost lesbian bar
A queer couple who own a bright blue live-work space in East Oakland were delighted to learn about its past as The Jubilee.

The Tale of a Crypto Executive Who Wasn’t Who He Said He Was

The chief operating officer of ZenLedger, a software company, boasted of work for Goldman Sachs and Larry King. Did anyone check to see if it was true?

Social-Media Startups Take Aim at Facebook. And Elon Musk. HalloApp is among new companies founded by former Facebook and WhatsApp employees trying to reshape online discourse

Pushing Buttons: How Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft was let down by generic games In this week’s newsletter: The franchise has just been sold off on the cheap, but could the original video game heroine be saved by games that see her as more than just eye candy?

Citizen Sleeper review – an evocative cyberpunk survival simA decaying cyborg with a human mind struggles to survive aboard a space station in a superbly written, if not exactly original, slice of scuzzy sci-fi

Six Star Wars games for every fan of the franchise

Total War: WARHAMMER III arrives on macOS May 5, but only for Apple silicon You'll need an M1-based Mac to play it...

A visit to the human factory

How to build the world’s most realistic robot

AI research is a dumpster fire and Google’s holding the matches Scientific endeavor is no match for corporate greed

AI must be developed responsibly to improve mental health outcomes Many mental health startups are integrating AI within their product offerings, but that tech is still far from perfect.

Apple shows how the people behind Star Wars create iconic sounds using Macs Your Mac and the Star Wars universe have more in common than you might think.

The fight to unionize Amazon’s warehouses The latest on organization efforts at one of the world’s largest retailers

4 Zen-like games that clear your brain for more productive work Yes, you can play video games during the workday. Here are some great options that won’t sink your productivity.

This may be the way to cancel the ‘motherhood penalty’ and develop leaders Neuroscience shows that new parents undergo changes in their brains that allow them to be more present, empathize with others, and collaborate more effectively—All important leadership skills.

5 ways to see if a job candidate is empathetic Looking to add someone with emotional intelligence to your team? Here’s how to check for empathy in a job interview.

As CEO, I apply to jobs at my own company every year. This is how it’s transformed hiring Chris Bakke says every year he finds a list of things to fix and improve and a list of things to congratulate the hiring team for tackling so well.

How Coke and Pepsi’s rivalry shaped marketing — and where it goes next As the most enduring consumer brand rivalry enters a new phase in the metaverse, tall orders around sustainability may demand cooperation over competition.

​​How Cannes’ Marketer Of The Year Codifies Creativity (June 2015)

Heineken’s Marketer of the Year nod comes as it heads into a new era, down one well-regarded CMO and A-list agency. Here, some insight into the processes by which creativity is identified, discussed, and encouraged in a giant company.

The untold story behind Nintendo’s Wii launch in the U.S. In an excerpt from his new book, former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé writes of the console’s U.S. debut—and his fear it would get him fired.

Revealed: Dr. Dre leaking the Apple Beats deal early cost $200 million "A skilled negotiator, Cook used the social media fiasco to demand an adjustment to the terms of the deal. In the days that followed, Apple shaved an estimated $200 million off its offering price."

Inside the harrowing world of online student surveillance People who have worked as moderators for Gaggle say that the job involves looking at ‘awful, awful things’—and that crude AI and minimal training don’t help.

Volkswagen is prolonging its use of coal due to Russian energy ‘threat’

No soil, no problem: Reshaping agriculture to be more carbon friendly Companies are turning to regenerative farming, a growing movement rooted in Indigenous practices that encourages cultivating food in harmony with nature.

Why fossil fuel companies see green in Bitcoin mining projects And why it’s risky business

Why this chicken coop was built on wheels The first robo coop-raised chickens are about to land on your supermarket shelves this summer.

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s latest trailer shows him trying (and failing) to train Luke We’d expect nothing less on Star Wars Day

SoundCloud buys AI that claims to predict hit songs AI is the new A&R

TechScape: This cutting edge AI creates art on demand – why is it so contentious? In this week’s newsletter: Dall-E 2 can conjure vivid pictures of dogs in berets to astronauts playing basketball. It also represents every major ethical concern there is about AI.

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